iPhone 8 Rumor Rollup: Getting chippy; leaks & leaks; SNL on board

Possible Apple moves in power management and memory chips could bring about big changes for future iPhones

iPhone 8 Rumor Rollup: Getting chippy; leaks & leaks; SNL on board

When it comes to iPhone 8 (or iPhone X) scuttlebutt, there are rumors, and then there are leaks. This has been a big week for leaks...


Renders, schematics or whatever you want to call them were circulating wildly among Apple rumor mongerers and watchers this week. Appropriately enough, one such schematic surfaced on a site called /Leaks, and shows an iPhone with a vertical dual-camera set-up and a home button on the back, and a very comprehensive display on the front.

MacRumors cautions that it's very hard to say how legit the schematic is, and that if it is for real, it could well be any of numerous prototypes that Apple engineers have tested.

Apple Insider, meanwhile, insists: "No, Apple won't move the home button and Touch ID to the back of the 'iPhone 8'."

Another leak, from the increasingly busy iDrop News, cites a Foxconn employee as the source. A front-facing Touch ID and a camera underneath the display, wireless charging and contoured glass on the front and back bordered by a metal edge are among the changes revealed here.

Variations on most of this have been getting kicked around for weeks, but the more we hear this stuff the closer we get to a likely fall phone debut, the more real they start to become.


Neither of these chip-related rumors will actually impact the iPhone 8, but could have big consequences for iPhones beyond the 10th anniversary model.

A financial analyst out of Germany got headlines flying after issuing a research note in which it cut its rating on Dialog Semiconductor from hold to sell because of word from unnamed sources that Apple is working on technology that could replace all or part of the Dialog power management chips in its smartphones. If true, this could be a huge blow to Dialog, which counts heavily on Apple for its revenue. The report, via Reuters, detailed that Apple has power management design centers in the works in Munich and California. The hope would be that Apple might have designs on ways to really boost iPhone battery life, which continues to be a product weakness, plus safeguard iPhones from potential shortcomings that could lead to Note-worthy news (See: Samsung Galaxy Note Phenomenal Phablet Flame-out).

This report comes on the heels of news that Apple will build its own GPUs instead of using those from Imagination Technologies to power the increasingly dynamic graphics on its device screens.

What's more, Apple is also said to be targeting a stake in Toshiba's memory chip business, which could also have ramifications for the innards of future iPhones. With Toshiba being the primary memory provider for iPhones, you'd think Apple grabbing a stake in the company might even help Apple lower the cost of making iPhones and pass those savings along to... Strike that.


One outfit that might wind up cutting Apple lots of slack on its iPhone 8, regardless of how great or not it turns out to be, is SNL. It turns out the comedy show, which has skewered Apple on occasion in the past, is reported going to be creating some commercial content for Apple.  

Variety reports that NBCUniversal is partnering with Apple to create commercials — not of the spoof variety — to be shown during ad breaks of the live show. One goal is to get more people to watch the show live, rather than in snippets in the following days, though not quite sure how new Apple commercials are going to get that done.

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