Future iMac Pro models to feature 'server grade' internals

Future iMac Pro models to feature 'server grade' internals

It’s been a long while since we’ve seen any meaningful update to Apple’s iMac line, but as the company revealed a few weeks ago, there are some new and exciting updates in the works.

As Apple executives told a handful of journalists recently, the company is working on a brand-new iMac Pro model. And while the company didn’t provide any significant details, they did make a point of stressing that a touchscreen iMac is not in the works.

“Touch doesn’t even register on the list of things pro users are interested in talking about,” Phil Schiller said. “They're interested in things like performance and storage and expandability.”

Now comes word via Digitimes that Apple’s new iMac Pro models—which will still measure in at 21.5 and 27-inches—will feature “server grade” internals.

Production is set to begin next month, with a launch date tentatively scheduled for the latter half of 2017. Spec wise, Apple’s new iMacs will reportedly “feature Intel's Xeon E3-1285 v6 processor, 16-64GB ECC RAM, up to 2TB NVMe SSD and a latest discrete graphics card.”

Previous iMac rumors have suggested that Apple’s upcoming desktops will incorporate USB-C ports and may come with a brand-new keyboard that may feature Touch ID support à la the recently released MacBook Pro with the Touch Bar.

All in all, news of impending iMac Pros should be welcome news for developers and creative professionals who may have found Apple's existing Mac Pro not up to snuff for their needs.

As for Apple's revamped Mac Pro, Apple is working on a brand-new modular design that will likely see the light of day sometime in late 2018 or early 2019. At the very least, pro-oriented Mac users can finally rest easy knowing that Apple is, at long last, giving its Mac lineup some well-deserved and long-overdue attention.

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