email addresses are going away — here are 4 alternatives

Gmail, Yahoo Mail and others provide alternatives to soon-to-be-discontinued email service

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Yahoo Mail

I seriously hesitated putting Yahoo Mail on this list in light of the huge breaches the company has experienced in recent years as well as reports of overly aggressive email scanning on behalf of the U.S. government. But given that Verizon is buying Yahoo in a deal expected to close this quarter, Verizon is going >to have yet another messaging system to deal with, so it's possible that a Mail transition could even make the most sense.

Yahoo Mail Yahoo

Yahoo Mail turns 20 this year, and using a address definitely has an old school feel about it even though the mail system itself works just fine and is regularly updated with new features for the more than 225 million active users often cited. Among the new features, improved search for keywords on mobile devices in which results are both highlighted and put in reverse chronological order. What's more, Yahoo Mail works both with other Yahoo services like Flickr, Tumblr and maybe other things that end with e-less "r"s, as well as with other email services such as Gmail.

One big way in which Yahoo Mail differs from Gmail is that Yahoo offers 1TB of free storage across its services (it used to offer unlimited storage, but thought 1TB was better from a marketing angle).

By default, Yahoo Mail comes with personalized ads, but you can opt out if you're willing to pay $10 a year.

And back to those mega-security breaches, Yahoo has added a password-free option for accessing its services called Account Key that forces you to physically do something to prove you are you before being allowed in.

Yahoo provides support for shifting from other email services here.

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