email addresses are going away — here are 4 alternatives

Gmail, Yahoo Mail and others provide alternatives to soon-to-be-discontinued email service

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Zoho Mail

Zoho (whose collaboration tools we used to use here at Network World) offers free personal and business messaging for up to 50 users and emphasizes that it won’t push any ads, including creepy ones that know what too much about you, into your messaging environment.

"At Zoho, we value user data and privacy. We never display ads, even in our free plans, and your email exchanges are never scanned for keywords," the un-Google and un-Yahoo company stresses when you sign up.

Zoho will, however, nudge you to sign up for some of its paid services, such as SalesIQ, for tracking and converting website visitors into paying customers. But you do get services beyond email, including chat, spreadsheets, presentations and word processing. Zoho Mail features, with an eye toward collaborating with colleagues, include the ability to share messages via social media-like streams and the ability to share entire email folders. For those using Zoho for business messaging, the cloud-based service provides extensive administration tools.

Zoho mail Zoho

Zoho Mail, for individuals and professionals

Zoho, which provides 5GB per user combined storage across its services, offers a range of pricing plans going from free to $8 per user per month that ratchets per-user storage up to 1TB.

Zoho offers guidance here on migrating to its messaging and workplace services.

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