Signal Sciences wants to protect ALL the web

The cybersecurity space is awash with vendors offering discreet solutions. Signal Sciences wants to be the one-stop shop for web security.

Signal Sciences wants to protect ALL the web

The security space is one area where there are a massive number of vendors all offering to solve particular discrete problems. That is all well and good if you have a singular, discrete problem to solve, but what happens if you’re looking for a solution that covers the totality of your needs?

Signal Science wants to be the answer to that question, the company offers a web protection product that covers cloud, physical and containerized infrastructure and provides security prioritization based on where applications are targeted. Signal Sciences claims Under Armour, Etsy, Yelp and Shutterstock as customers.

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The company is making a dual announcement today. The first about its platform overall; the second is some fundraising news. Since fundraising is often seen as a validation of the product story, I’ll cover off the money side of things first. Signal Sciences has raised a $15 million Series B funding round led by Charles River Ventures.

Now onto the substantive stuff.

New category of web application security

Signal Sciences suggests it has created an entirely new category of web application security solution. That’s a lofty goal, so what makes this claim credible? History and traction to date is part of the story. Signal was created by former Etsy engineers and security leaders, and it already protects more than 50 billion requests weekly.

As the founders discovered at Etsy, and as Signal itself articulates, building web apps is becoming a core competency for pretty much every type of business. But Signal goes onto suggest that the industry has not yet found a way to secure the modern development process as it evolves and accelerates.

According to a survey of nearly 2,300 IT professionals, more than 50 percent of respondents view security as an inhibitor to agility. They go on to suggest that legacy web application security technology, such as web application firewalls (WAF), can’t keep up with the complexity of modern-day applications and severely limit the speed at which a business can operate and grow.

As Signal sees it, the legacy WAF market is under delivering. It points to the actual usage it sees from its customers—95 percent of customers have Signal Sciences installed live in production with automated blocking enabled, a distinct improvement over traditional legacy WAF installations averaging approximately 10 to 20 percent in full blocking mode.

What the Web Protection Platform does

Key capabilities of Signal Sciences’ Web Protection Platform (WPP):

  • Works across any modern architecture: WPP supports all modern architectures, providing seamless strategic and tactical attack visibility to operations, development and security teams. WPP is the only solution to work on any cloud, any container, any PaaS and any IaaS.
  • Protects against a full spectrum of real threats: WPP brings a breadth of security detections that go way beyond the OWASP Top 10. Signal Sciences detects and protects customers from OWASP Top 10, application DDoS, account takeover, custom business logic, and many other real threat models for modern applications.
  • Integrations into existing security and operations tools already deployed: Signal Sciences comes with over 16 single-click integrations, including Atlassian JIRA software, Datadog, PagerDuty, Slack and Splunk, and an API-first design that allows any integration to be created.
  • Provides a network effect: As Signal Sciences adds customers to WPP, all other customers see an increase in attack visibility and remediation. When an organization joins the Signal Sciences WPP system, its understanding and reach into application security attacks expands while helping all other Signal Sciences customers improve as well.


New methods, new challenges and new requirements in terms of speed and agility call for new solutions. Signal Sciences is clearly leveraging this fact to attack security in a different way. It will be interesting to see the market progress the company makes over time.

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