IT work gets The Onion treatment

Is it possible that a writer at The Onion has previously toiled as a network engineer … or systems administrator? He or she at least did their homework to produce a “story” headlined: “Network Engineer Would Be Systems Manager If He Could Do It All Over Again.”

From the “story.”

Reflecting wistfully on what he might have made of himself had he chosen a different profession, Dynatrend Solutions network engineer Alan Miller said Wednesday that he would be a systems manager if he had the chance to go back and do it all over again.

Despite a long and successful career of identifying and solving network-infrastructure-based problems, the 47-year-old told reporters there will always be a little part of him that regrets not having instead followed his youthful ambition of designing technology solutions as a systems manager.

You get the joke, of course, but The Onion writer wrings it for all its worth if you’ve got the minute.

The occupation-specific gag reminded of Steve Martin’s plumber joke on “Let’s Get Small” (a comedy “album,” kids, look it up.)

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