Top 10 DevOps tools

A hybrid developer/operations engineer requires a unique set of tools

The world of DevOps is a transformative new trend in the way applications are built and run. A hybrid engineer who both develops code for an app and manages the infrastructure operations the app runs on requires tools geared for multiple aspects of the application lifecycle process.

+MORE AT NETWORK WORLD: Serverless Explainer: The next generation of cloud infrastructure | What you need to know about Microservices +, a community of devops professionals, is out with a new list of the most popular DevOps tools. StackShare is meant to be a sort of Yelp for DevOps engineers. Users submit information about what their application and infrastructure “stacks” look like, and they communicate with other users about best practices.

Here’s’s list of the Top 10 DevOps tools:

  1. GitHub
  2. New Relic
  3. Docker 
  4. NPM
  5. Bitbucket
  6. Gulp
  7. Webpack
  8. Vagrant
  9. GitLab
  10. Travis CI said more than 7,800 “stacks” that have been shared on their website use GitHub, which is the predominant platform for hosting shared application code. New Relic is a platform for monitoring and managing applications; Docker is the predominant application container runtime and is in 3,980 “stacks.” also released its list of its most in-demand DevOps skills. Docker topped the list of the skill set most job posters seek, followed by GitHub, Ansible (the IT automation tool), Webpack (a module bundler), and Gulp (another automation platform).

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