Security-as-a-service supplier Alert Logic started with IDS and blossomed from there

CEO Gray Hall shares insights into what customers are using, where the industry is going

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There are two ways we could evolve from here.  One is to continue to add more legs to the stool, so to speak, or we could bolster what we have.  If you think in terms of network system and application layers, why burden the customer with a tyranny of too many products?  I think that’s one of the problems in the security industry today.  There are just all these categories and customers look at it and say, “How many do I need?”

We like simplicity and we like the idea of, if you need application security and you think you have the other bases covered, buy Web Security Manager.   If you need network security or if you want the full stack, buy Cloud Defender.  We like the simplicity of that approach, which means add more depth and breadth into the existing products, and the best way to do that is through deeper and richer analytics which is why we’re making the investments in data science, why we’re making the investment in our analytics engine.

Is there a sweet spot in terms of customer size for you folks?

Obviously, as a $100-plus million company with more than 4,000 customers, there’s a lot of mid-market customers, companies with $50 million up to $2-$3 billion in revenue, but we also have 150 of the Fortune 500 as customers. We don’t really think size of the company is what dictates the sweet spot.  What we’ve found is the sweet spot tends to be defined more by the type of application the customer is running.

What we found is there are three types of applications that are most common in our customer base and where the value prop is most distinct.  The first is any type of Software-as-a-Service app.  We find customers in all kinds of industries and of all shapes and sizes have more and more SaaS solutions.  The second is E-commerce, and the E-commerce applications we secure are across dozens of industries and companies from super large down to startups.  The third is digital media, digital marketing, corporate websites.  Those are very common and tend not to be specific to any industry.

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