New products of the week 5.22.17

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as Nuance and Red Hat.


Running its course

Network World's long-running product of the week slideshow has come to an end with this edition. Vendors are still welcome to discuss their products with reporters. Thank you to all who have submitted products.




Key features: Cyphon is the industry’s first open source cybersecurity active-response platform for collecting data, identifying attacks and tracking incident response, analytics and all subsequent work performed. More info.




Pricing: Free use up to 2GB of storage; $9 per user per month for additional storage, projects, and integrations

Key features: The newest version of Amium delivers a powerful, efficient content-centric collaboration environment with the unique ability to now seamlessly collaborate with people outside the organization, in addition to internal teams. More info.



cnPilot E410 Indoor

Key features: 802.11ac Wave 2 MU-MIMO Beamforming dual band access point. More info.



AlgoSec 6.11

Key features: AlgoSec 6.11 directly associates network security with critical business applications and processes to provide risk-based, business-context aware visibility and intelligence. This enables enterprises to strategically prioritize and focus security management actions on critical processes that drive the business. More info.



Client Health WannaCry Health Check

Key features: New Health Check detects systems that have already been infected by WannaCry or are vulnerable to attack, and automatically disables the SMBv1 protocol on any machine identified as potentially vulnerable during the health check process and reboots it. More info.



TeamForge 17.4

Key features: TeamForge offers great flexibility, simplified source code management, Single Sign-On (SSO) for distributed teams, and support for high availability. More info.



Distil Bot Discovery for Google Analytics

Key features: Distil Bot Discovery for Google Analytics is a one-click offering that integrates with Google Analytics to find and filter bot traffic, allowing users to make more accurate business decisions. More info.



EnCase Endpoint Security Version 6

Key features: EnCase Endpoint Security Version 6 offers customers a completely redesigned interface / user experience, enhanced threat detection capabilities, and new incident response workflows. More info.



Flock Google Drive integration

Pricing: Free plan: $0; Free for lifetime; Pro plan: $3 per user per month; Enterprise: from $3 per user per month

Key features: Within Flock, teams can now link multiple Google Drive accounts, access entire drives and manage file permissions. With this new deep integration users can: Set default permissions for files shared, and grant read or edit access on the go to all channel members within Flock. Create documents, spreadsheets and presentations within a specified Google Drive folder. Search their entire Google Drive for files by filename or content, and browse and share files. More info.


SOCVue for Splunk Enterprise Security

Key features: SOCVue for Splunk Enterprise Security goes beyond a standard co-managed service to offer a highly integrated, comprehensive, and effective information security monitoring program that combines people, process, and technology. More info.


host analytics

Host Analytics Spring17

Key features: Host Analytics has updated its cloud-based EPM Platform with new features for more sophisticated, business-critical financial analysis, and more seamless data integration with NetSuite ERP. More info.


IGEL Universal Desktop UD5 and UD6 Thin Clients

Pricing: $775 for UD5-W10 including 4GB RAM, 32GB SSD, PowerCord; $816.50 for UD5-W10 including 4GB RAM, 32GB SSD, integrated SCR, PowerCord; $809 for UD6-W10 including 4GB RAM, 32GB SSD, PowerCord; $850.50 for UD6-W10 including 4GB RAM, 32GB SSD, integrated SCR, PowerCord.

Key features: IGEL UD5 and UD6 high-performance endpoints now support Windows 10 IoT Enterprise. With IGEL’s industry-leading software, the IGEL UD5 and UD6 allow organizations to simplify the management of IoT-connected devices. More info.


Kaseya BMS

Key features: The new Kaseya BMS release includes multi-tenant trust relationships and templates, an aggregated service desk, REST API updates simplifying third-party integrations and integration with Live Connect for remote endpoint management. More info.



NetMotion Mobile IQ

Key features: NetMotion Mobile IQ delivers real-time analysis, visualization and alerts on mobile connectivity, security, performance, and behavior so that IT operations teams can make faster, more informed decisions regarding their NetMotion-enabled mobile devices. More info.




Key features: Complimentary reports reveal how individual Fortune 500 organizations may appear to external attackers, including exposures by compromised hosts, leaked accounts, geolocation,  management ports and vulnerable apps. More info.




Key features: LANGuardian is an agentless Network Traffic Analysis and Visibility (NAV) system. V14.2.3 improves Ransomware detection and forensics with monitoring of client behavior, accesses to Microsoft Fileshares and the use of the SMBv1 protocol. More info.


Kronos Workforce Ready Performance Management

Key features – helps organizations retain high-performing employees with data-driven feedback to enable continuous assessments that nurture employee development and engagement. More info.



Dragon Professional Group

Key features: Now includes Nuance’s Deep Learning technology – delivering high-recognition accuracy capable of learning and adapting to a variety of accents and environments, ideal for large workgroups and a variety of settings. More info.



Prysm Go

Key features: Prysm Go can turn any meeting room into an advanced collaboration space. It can be used with existing hardware investments, or as an all-in-one experience with a Prysm 85” display. More info.




Key features: ExtReact makes delivering visually stunning, data-intensive apps simpler and faster than ever before, by enabling React developers to add more than 115 beautiful and powerful UI components to their applications. More info.


red hat

Red Hat OpenStack Platform 11

Pricing: start at $2150 per socket pair for business-level support and $2800 per socket pair for 24x7 production support.

Key features: Based on the OpenStack “Ocata” release, Red Hat OpenStack Platform 11 delivers enhanced support for upgrades with composable roles, new networking capabilities, and improved integration with Red Hat CloudForms. More info.



Savvius Insight

Pricing: Insight: 256 GB storage / 8 GB RAM, $1,995; Insight Plus: 1 TB storage / 16 GB RAM, $4,395.

Key features: New Savvius Insight extends datacenter-class network visibility to distributed locations. Hardware and software additions enhance monitoring, packet capture, security and troubleshooting, with new VoIP analysis included in the Plus version. More info.


SignalFx - Cloud-Ready Alerts

Key features: New tools that help companies better monitor and manage cloud infrastructure, containers and applications, through machine learning of historical data. Features: Alert Preview, Built-in Alert Functions, Alert Functions Library. More info.



Sugar 7.9

Pricing: Sugar Professional - $40/user/month; Sugar Enterprise - $65/user/month; Sugar Ultimate - $150/user/month

Key features: Sugar 7.9 includes a redesigned quote management feature that helps Sugar customers turn opportunities into closed deals, and closed deals into revenue. Additional new features of Sugar 7.9 include next-generation reporting, advanced workflow and performance. More info.



ServiceV Pro v2

Key features: virtualization tool that enables developers and testers to reduce dependencies on third-party services. ServiceV Pro supports many popular services and protocols including HTTP, REST, SOAP, JMS and JDBC. More info.


Snow for Office 365

Key features: Snow for Office 365 empowers organizations to integrate the world’s most popular SaaS application with existing software investments, providing a centralized view of all Office 365 usage and eliminating overspend. More info.




Key features:  The HIPrelay is an identity-based router that enables organizations to securely connect private and previously non-routable IP resources across any public, private, cellular or cloud network based on provable cryptographic identities. More info.



Tufin Orchestration Suite R17-1

Key features: provides support for LDAP user groups for the enforcement of access restrictions and privileges using Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform. More info.


NG Firewall v.13

Key features: NG Firewall delivers a comprehensive solution for content filtering, malware and threat protection, secure Wi-Fi, application control, bandwidth optimization, virtual private networks and more. It tackles Bufferbloat, adds innovative tags and triggers for proactive security management and continues to expand features of its centralized firewall management solution with policy management from the cloud. More info.


Dual Gigabit Power + Console Hybrid

Key features: Out-of-band access to console port functions and power reboot control at remote 240V AC powered equipment sites. Dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, internal analog modem plus leading-edge authentication and security functions. More info.



Fulfillment Intelligence Cloud 3.0

Key features: Provides organizations with the intelligence required to improve fulfillment chains and meet rising customer expectations on delivery time, cost and convenience. More info.