Imanis Data focuses on big data backup and recovery

New features in Imanis Data 3.0 include backup of very large data sets, faster data recovery and support for multiple platforms.

Imanis Data, formerly known as Talena, released version 3.0 of its eponymous backup and recovery platform last week with emphasis on supporting very large datasets that are being generated in the era of big data. 

The company notes that three out of four companies have experienced a data loss over the last year, which carries an average cost of $900,000 and weeks of downtime. 

With Imanis Data 3.0, the company claims its backup architecture backs up, recovers and replicates terabyte and petabyte-sized data sets up to 10 times faster than any other solution on the market, minimizing the impact of data loss by reducing costly days and weeks of downtime to minutes and hours and reducing secondary storage costs by up to 80%. 

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In addition, version 3.0 introduces machine learning capabilities designed for early detection of ransomware attacks. Once attacks are detected, users are notified of accidental data loss. 

Imanis Data 3.0 supports a variety of platforms, such as Cassandra, Couchbase, Hadoop and MongoDB. Along with faster and more granular data recovery, the company also touted potential secondary storage savings via the upgraded platform. 

In the past year, Imanis Data said it has handled a single Couchbase bucket with more than 3 billion documents and over 100 terabytes in a single Cassandra keyspace for a top manufacturing company. 

The company said its data backup platform uses cloud-based data replication to provide backup and disaster recovery across different regions and providers. So you can split your backup across Microsoft Azure Blob Storage and HDInsight, as well as Amazon S3 and the Hortonworks cloud distribution for Hadoop. 

The company also claims that a combination of de-duplication, aggressive compression, and erasure coding means your storage footprint of modern web-scale data repositories can be reduced by up to 80%. 

Imanis Data 3.0 is available now.

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