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VMworld 2017

VMworld 2017 is underway in Las Vegas, where IT pros are converging to learn about the latest in enterprise cloud, virtualization, security, and software-defined data center technologies. Here are some of the product highlights on display at the show.

10 ibm spectrum protect plus

IBM Spectrum Protect Plus

Product name: Spectrum Protect Plus
Manufacturer: IBM
Pricing: To be determined
Availability: October 2017
Key features: IBM’s Spectrum Protect Plus is a new data protection and application availability solution for virtual environments that's designed to be deployed in minutes and protect enterprise environments within an hour. It aims to simplify data protection, whether data is hosted in physical, virtual, software-defined or cloud environments. It can be implemented as a standalone solution or integrated with an IBM Spectrum Protect environment to offload copies for longterm storage and data governance with scale and efficiency. More info

11 datacore sansymphony psp7

DataCore SANsymphony PSP7

Product name: SANsymphony PSP7
Manufacturer: DataCore Software
Pricing: Starts at $10,000
Availability: October 2017
Key features: SANsymphony PSP7 features added support for orchestrating multiple containers (including Kubernetes) across a cluster of servers. A common problem when containerizing applications is that data written inside a container will only exist for the lifetime of that container. To address this, Kubernetes offers a subsystem that abstracts how storage is provided from how it is consumed. DataCore SANsymphony provides industry-standard block protocol storage presented over iSCSI or Fibre Channel. DataCore’s concurrent I/O processing technology reduces deployment times. PSP7 also features expanded REST enterprise API integration and new wizards that simplify/automate hyperconverged deployments under VMware vSphere management. More info

16 zerto virtual replication

Zerto Virtual Replication 5.5

Product name: Zerto Virtual Replication 5.5
Manufacturer: Zerto
Pricing: $985 per VM for ECE version of 5.5
Availability: Available now
Key features: Zerto Virtual Replication 5.5 introduces Microsoft Azure bi-directional replication and up to five times faster AWS recovery, which simplifies mobility across public cloud environments. ZVR 5.5 provides replication and recovery of enterprise-class applications, both to and from cloud environments. The upgraded solution also offers a new Zerto Analytics platform to deliver IT environment insights and improve business competitiveness. More info

20 netapp virtual storage console

NetApp Virtual Storage Console for VMware vSphere

Product name: NetApp Virtual Storage Console for VMware vSphere
Manufacturer: NetApp
Pricing: Free
Availability: Available now
Key features: NetApp Virtual Storage Console for VMware vSphere is a vSphere client plug-in that provides visibility into the NetApp storage environment from within the vCenter console. VMware administrators can perform tasks that improve server and storage efficiency, including creating and managing datastores; creating storage capability profiles by using VASA Provider; creating and managing virtual volume (VVol) datastores by using VASA Provider; and setting up and managing a disaster recovery environment by using SRA. More info

15 lenovo thinkagile vx seires

Lenovo ThinkAgile VX Series

Product name: ThinkAgile VX Series
Manufacturer: Lenovo
Pricing: Undisclosed
Availability: November 2017
Key features: The latest in Lenovo’s ThinkAgile portfolio, the ThinkAgile VX Series is a preconfigured hyper-converged infrastructure solution that's designed to help customers modernize IT infrastructures through the software-defined data center. The VX Series is built on Lenovo’s ThinkSystem platforms. It’s powered by VMware vSAN and Intel Xeon Scalable family processors and aims to help customers focus on building their businesses rather than maintaining IT infrastructure. More info

4 tintri compute analytics

Tintri Compute Analytics

Product name: Tintri Compute Analytics
Manufacturer: Tintri
Pricing: No cost for Tintri customers with an active support contract
Availability: By end of October
Key features: Tintri Analytics uses VM and container-level data points that Tintri collects natively to enable predictive analytics and planning capabilities. The analytics engine collects and analyzes up to three years of data from millions of VMs, and applies algorithms to predict resource needs up to 18 months into the future. With this new release, Tintri Analytics adds compute analytics to its existing storage predictive analytics planning capabilities, which provide an end-to-end view of infrastructure. More info

3 tintri cloud connector

Tintri Cloud Connector

Product name: Tintri Cloud Connector
Manufacturer: Tintri
Pricing: Undisclosed
Availability: By end of October
Key features: Tintri Cloud Connector integrates the Tintri Enterprise Cloud with AWS and IBM cloud resources, creating a foundation for hybrid cloud services. For example, customers can use AWS for data protection, archive and disaster recovery of their mission critical on-premises applications and restore applications and data in a single click to their Tintri Enterprise Cloud. Tintri Cloud Connector uses the Tintri CONNECT architecture, which abstracts storage at the VM and container level for faster recovery times and maximum flexibility. More info

21 pivot3 acuity

Pivot3 Acuity

Product name: Acuity
Manufacturer: Pivot3
Pricing: Between $70,000 and $215,000, with starter packs beginning at $130,000
Availability: Available now
Key features: Acuity is a priority-aware HCI software platform that enables IT to consolidate multiple mixed-application workloads onto a single infrastructure. Acuity makes efficient use of NVMe PCIe flash to deliver greater performance than conventional HCI solutions while providing easy scalability. As a policy-based software platform, Acuity automatically applies resources to mission-critical applications for guaranteed performance and predictable results. Acuity’s Quality of Service (QoS) engine lets organizations consolidate performance- and latency-sensitive applications onto HCI with flash that outperforms SATA SSD and SAS SSD. More info

1 adaptive security platform

Illumio Adaptive Security Platform

Product name: Adaptive Security Platform
Manufacturer: Illumio
Pricing: $300 per year for an individual workload. Volume pricing available.
Availability: Available now
Key features: Adaptive Security Platform (ASP) adds two new features: Policy Generator and Explorer. Policy Generator uses network traffic to automatically generate micro-segmentation policies for workloads and applications running on any compute platform. The new feature can analyze applications and create segmentation policies in seconds without network details like IP addresses. This saves security teams time, reduces the risk of human errors and improves policy consistency across the network. Explorer allows operations and security staff to ask questions about their network traffic, such as "tell me all flows going into and out of my PCI environment.” More info 

2 storagecraft instant recovery

StorageCraft Instant Recovery

Product name: StorageCraft Instant Recovery
Manufacturer: StorageCraft
Pricing: $28,995
Availability: Available now
Key features: StorageCraft Instant Recovery integrates multiple products: StorageCraft ShadowProtect, OneBlox 5210 and StorageCraft Cloud. StorageCraft Instant Recovery provides instant recovery capabilities and uninterrupted business continuity by letting SMBs recover their virtual machines from OneBlox 5210 using StorageCraft ShadowProtect SPX with VirtualBoot for vSphere technology in under a minute. More info

5 kaminario k2.n

Kaminario K2.N

Product name: Kaminario K2.N
Manufacturer: Kaminario
Pricing: Starts at $200,000
Availability: First quarter 2018
Key features: Kaminario K2.N is an end-to-end NVMe-based all-flash array solution leveraging enterprise-class software architecture and data services. K2.N is a scale-out, active-active storage array with NVMe drives and backend based on converged NVMe over fabric. Additionally, K2.N supports NVMeF front end host connectivity in addition to fibre channel and iSCSI. More info

6 kaminario flex

Kaminario Flex

Product name: Kaminario Flex
Manufacturer: Kaminario
Pricing: Available as part of K2.N offering
Availability: Second quarter 2018
Key features: Kaminario Flex is a software platform for managing composable storage infrastructure. Together with Kaminario’s NVMe all-flash array (K2.N), Flex delivers enhanced operational efficiency and organizational agility in building cloud-scale, shared storage infrastructure. Kaminario Flex seamlessly integrates with VisionOS management utilities and Kaminario Clarity cloud-based analytics environment. More info

7 dell emc vxrack

Dell EMC VxRail Appliances 4.5 and VxRack SDDC

Product name: Dell EMC VxRail Appliances 4.5 and VxRack SDDC
Manufacturer: Dell EMC
Pricing: VxRail Appliances start at $25,000; entry-level 8-node VxRack SDDC system starts at $800,000
Availability: September 2017
Key features: Optimized for VMware environments, VxRail Appliances 4.5 offer turnkey HCI and are upgraded to simplify customers’ installation and management experience, including enhanced enterprise deployment features, greater hardware flexibility and improved interoperability. VxRail Appliances 4.5 offer simple automation and lifecycle management for the latest VMware technologies – vSphere 6.5 and vSAN 6.6 – to accelerate flash performance, protect against unwanted access to data and enhance protection for stretched clusters. Additionally, Dell EMC VxRack SDDC is now powered by the latest VMware technologies, making it up to 80% more efficient at scale, providing more resources for applications with a single management cluster for the entire rack-scale HCI system. More info on Dell EMC VxRail Appliances and VxRack SDDC

8 dell xtremio x2

Dell EMC XtremIO X2

Product name: XtremIO X2
Manufacturer: Dell EMC
Pricing: Starts at $282,000
Availability: Available now
Key features: XtremIO X2 is the next generation of Dell EMC’s purpose-built all-flash array. Available now, X2 accelerates the performance of workloads that benefit from deduplication and integrated copy data management (iCDM) for large-scale snapshots, such as VDI and development/test use cases. X2 provides three times the capacity per X-Brick as well as new multi-dimensional scalability to scale up from as low as 7TB to as high as 138TB per X-Brick, scaling out up to eight X-Bricks. X2’s rack density has been increased fourfold, providing up to 5.5PB effective capacity and a capacity density of more than 100TB effective capacity per rack unit. More info

9 dell data protection for applications

Dell EMC Data Protection for Applications

Product name: Data Protection for Applications
Manufacturer: Dell EMC
Pricing: Starts at $4,840
Availability: Third quarter 2017
Key features: Dell EMC’s Data Protection Suite for Applications will help customers meet stringent reqirements for fast changing, mission critical SQL and Oracle databases, as well as VMware environments. Self-service features help application owners retain governance and oversight by automatically discovering databases, storage and VMs and placing them into protection plans. For VMware environments, admins can non-disruptively discover, protect and manage copies created with a hypervisor direct data path to Dell EMC Data Domain, providing up to five times faster backups than traditional methods. More info

18 blue medora docker management

Blue Medora Docker Management

Product name: Blue Medora Docker Management Pack for VMware vRealize Operations
Manufacturer: Blue Medora
Pricing: $300 per Docker host
Availability: Available now
Key features: The new Blue Medora management pack extends the visibility of VMware vRealize Operations into Docker containers to help virtualized infrastructure administrators plan resource capacity for DevOps teams and identify infrastructure performance issues caused by application code changes. Admins can see how containers interact with other applications and infrastructure – whether running on VMware in the datacenter or VMware Cloud on AWS. The new Docker management pack is the latest in a series of Blue Medora software releases designed to help virtualized infrastructure admins support DevOps tools and enable DevOps agility through automation. More info

12 tegile intelliflash n series

Tegile Systems IntelliFlash N-Series

Product name: IntelliFlash N-Series
Manufacturer: Tegile Systems
Pricing: Starts at $185,000 for a 23TB all-NVMe unified array
Availability: Available now
Key features: The N-Series array delivers always-on performance while compressing and deduplicating data for all applications. Tegile has packed the N-Series with tier 0 storage features – multiple protocols, data reduction, data protection, automated data healing, high availability, disaster prevention and non-disruptive upgrades. More info

13 logicmonitor kubernetes monitoring

LogicMonitor Kubernetes Monitoring

Product name: Kubernetes Monitoring
Manufacturer: LogicMonitor
Pricing: Free for LogicMonitor users
Availability: Third quarter 2017
Key features: LogicMonitor’s new tool provides end-to-end monitoring for Kubernetes in a VMware-powered infrastructure. Some of the key features include: automated device group management, which leverages Kubernetes events to organize a cluster's resources in LogicMonitor by resource type and namespace; automated device management, which discovers etcd members, cluster nodes, services and pods, and automates the management of their lifecycle as devices in LogicMonitor; and automated device property management, which discovers Kubernetes resource metadata and maps them to device properties. More info

14 rackspace private cloud

Rackspace Private Cloud

Product name: Rackspace Private Cloud powered by VMware built on VMware Cloud Foundation
Manufacturer: Rackspace
Pricing: Starts at $1,100 per month per node with vSphere and vSAN storage
Availability: Available now
Key features: Rackspace Private Cloud powered by VMware (RPC-V) enables full software-defined data center capabilities including compute, storage, networking and management. Now built on VMware Cloud Foundation, the product allows for enhanced capabilities including standardized VMware Validated Designs, continuous updates and lifecycle management. RPC-V lets customers leverage their existing VMware investments and tooling, and offload physical and virtual infrastructure operations. More info

17 luqid grid center

Liqid Grid and Liqid Command Center

Product name: Liqid Grid and Liqid Command Center
Manufacturer: Liqid
Pricing: Undisclosed
Availability: First quarter 2018
Key features: Liqid's hardware and software platform allows users, either manually or through policy-based automation, to manage and configure physical, bare-metal server systems in seconds. Liqid Command Center software delivers a unified API with software-defined intelligence and Liqid Grid (PCI-Express switches, bays, and carriers) enables disaggregation of industry standard server components. Pools of compute, networking, data storage, and graphics processing can be deployed natively across PCIE, on demand, as bare-metal resources and repurposed when infrastructure needs change. More info

19 lacework polygraph

Lacework Polygraph

Product name: Lacework Polygraph
Manufacturer: Lacework
Pricing: $250 per agent per year for workload protection
Availability: Available now
Key features: Polygraph is Lacework’s security solution for cloud deployment and virtualized data centers. Polygraph delivers a graphical visualization of workloads and account activity and establishes a behavioral baseline of entities deployed such as VMs, processes, and machines. Polygraph allows faster detection of breaches and insider threats by pinpointing deviations from the baseline and shortens the incident investigation process through its point-and-click UI. Polygraph now supports CloudTrail, Amazon’s service for logging all AWS account activity. More info

24 commvault hyperscale software

Commvault HyperScale Software

Product name: Commvault HyperScale Software
Manufacturer: Commvault
Pricing: Starts at less than $400 per terabyte
Availability: Commvault HyperScale Software is available now; Commvault HyperScale Appliance will be available in third quarter 2017
Key features: Commvault HyperScale Software is designed to deliver scale-out data protection and management services. It's aimed at five key objectives: to eliminate complexity and improve ease of use with a unified solution; deliver greater flexibility with cloud-like services; increase availability and reliability through scale-out technology; reduce cost and save staff time over a traditional build-it-yourself solution; and leverage the power of Commvault to protect, access and use all data. More info

22 stratoscale symphony 3

Stratoscale Symphony 3

Product name: Stratoscale Symphony 3
Manufacturer: Stratoscale
Pricing: Starts at $5,000 per server per year
Availability: Available now
Key features: Stratoscale offers enterprises and service providers a software-defined infrastructure solution that creates an AWS region on-premises for workloads and data. Stratoscale Symphony transforms any x86 server into an elastic, usable and consumable cloud capacity that is AWS compatible. Deployed in minutes, Symphony enables IT organizations to align with an AWS cloud-first strategy and offers the flexibility and simplicity to manage workloads and resources, via a single pane of glass, decoupled from hardware vendor constraints. More info

23 rubrik alta 4.0

Rubrik Alta 4.0

Product name: Rubrik Alta 4.0
Manufacturer: Rubrik
Pricing: Starts at under $100,000
Availability: Available now
Key features: Rubrik Alta provides instant application availability anytime, anywhere, and is an ecosystem-agnostic data management platform supporting key enterprise operating environments including: VMware, Hyper-V, AHV; physical environments such as Linux and Windows; and AWS, Azure and private clouds. Enterprise companies using Rubrik Alta can simplify management, maintain agility over evolving environments and free their application data from the underlying infrastructure. More info

25 embotics vcommander 6.0

Embotics vCommander 6.0

Product name: vCommander 6.0
Manufacturer: Embotics
Pricing: Starts at $1,000 a month
Availability: Available now
Key features: vCommander 6.0 adds hybrid cloud orchestration, governance and control features while providing an easy-to-use portal for end user self-service so users can select and provision cloud resources and track and report on spending. More info

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