Review: Free Linux Fedora server offers upgrades as they become available – no wait

What you need to know to make an informed buying decision about Fedora

Fedora logo on binary background

If you’re looking for a free Linux Server that gives you access to the latest Linux features as they become available without waiting for a major version release, then Fedora Server 26 could be for you.

Fedora, although sponsored by Red Hat, is its own Linux distribution maintained by the Fedora Project, a community consisting of thousands of contributors. Unlike Ubuntu and SUSE, which focus primarily on long-term support (LTS) server versions, Fedora takes a different approach.

Fedora’s focus is on providing a short-lifecycle server that provides administrators with access to the latest technology without having to wait for major upgrades every two-to-three years. New releases of Fedora are not on a set schedule, but generally new versions have been available twice a year for the past several years.

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