SD-WAN Delivers Real Business Outcomes to Cloud-first Enterprises

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Analysts agree that SD-WAN is the way forward for enterprises supporting cloud-first initiatives. Everywhere you turn it seems someone is writing about SD-WAN, the trends and how to select the right solution. For example, Andrew Lerner from Gartner recently wrote a blog about SD-WAN going mainstream. I’ve also spent time talking about lessons we’re learning from our customers. In fact, earlier this summer I authored an article that ran on Network World that highlighted key SD-WAN solution evaluation criteria.

One thing that we continually talk to our customers and partners about when it comes to SD-WAN is to think about business outcomes. There are three main business outcomes that are driving SD-WAN adoption and they’re illustrated in the form of these lightboard videos to show how they can be achieved:

1. Operational efficiency – Enterprises want the ability to provision/de-provision applications quickly, steer traffic to cloud-based applications directly via broadband on an app-by-app basis and fully utilize all available WAN bandwidth capacity. In this lightboard session: How to build a thin branch with SD-WAN, we see how a WAN edge architecture is simplified and rapid application provisioning is enabled while leveraging all available links.

In this second lightboard session: How to migrate from legacy routers to SD-WAN, we see how enterprises can migrate from legacy routers to an SD-WAN solution at their own pace. This is based on the ability to seamlessly integrate Unity EdgeConnect into existing environments and interoperate with other legacy branch routers through standard routing protocols like BGP.

2. Enhanced user experience and business productivity – Enterprises want predictable application performance in the new application consumption model where applications reside in SaaS providers, IaaS cloud services, on premise data center, public or private cloud. In this lightboard session: Assure predictable application performance over any transport with SD-WAN, we see how built-in performance-enhancing EdgeConnect capabilities like FEC (Forward Error Correction), POC (Packet Order Correction), Unity Boost (WAN optimization) and tunnel bonding can enable higher application performance and availability than possible with traditional router-based WANs.

Furthermore, internet breakout on an app-by-app basis at the branch is key to reach cloud-based and trusted apps via broadband without backhauling to the data center. Another lightboard session: How First-packet iQ application classification enables SD-WAN internet breakout, we see how Silver Peak First-packet iQ application classification technology enables secure, granular application breakout.

3. Continuous business operations – As businesses serve the majority of employees and customers from branch offices, it is crucial to maintain continuous WAN connectivity and access to applications. In the lightboard session: How to build a resilient branch office WAN architecture, we describe how a high availability, active-active EdgeConnect cluster ensures that no single point of failure of LAN and WAN links or the SD-WAN appliance side will take down applications. All of this is done while maintaining the simplicity and advanced features of the EdgeConnect SD-WAN solution including tunnel bonding, packet-based load sharing, path conditioning and dynamic path control.                            

In addition, security plays a major role in ensuring no compromise on application availability. In this lightboard session: Secure applications no matter where they reside with SD-WAN, we see how EdgeConnect can secure applications no matter where they reside. It also describes simplified yet flexible service chaining to industry-leading security solutions such as those offered by Zscaler, Palo Alto Networks, Fortinet and Check Point.

With all the hype around SD-WAN, it is imperative to choose the right SD-WAN solution to achieve the required outcome for your cloud-connected business. Silver Peak now has more than 500 customers with EdgeConnect SD-WAN solutions in production since the product was launched two years ago. Silver Peak EdgeConnect builds on more than a decade of experience helping customers achieve better business outcomes by building an intelligent, application-driven WAN edge.