REVIEW: Mojo wireless intrusion prevention system

Mojo's wireless access points can ID and mitigate threats, trigger alerts

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Network managers don't need a primer on the threats that could befall their networks, from man-in-the-middle threats from rogue APs to the global ransomware epidemic. It's a bad situation that shows no signs of improving any time soon. It's not surprising, then, that Wireless Intrusion Prevention Systems are becoming increasingly popular.

WIPS are based on the very sound idea that if you truly want to keep intruders off your network, you'll need intelligence both in the Wi-Fi access point and in the cloud. That's one reason why vendors such as Aruba, Cisco, and Extreme (Air Defense) offer solutions that combine analysis of network data with a back-end thinking engine.

Another WIPS vendor is Mojo Networks (formerly known as Airtight) which recently released a cloud-based Wireless Intrusion Prevention System as a Service called Cognitive WiFi. That is the subject of this review.

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