Businesses report cost savings with advanced network solution

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Extreme networks recently released our brand-new report: Quantifying the Value of the New Extreme Networks Solution (an Enterprise Strategy Group Economic Value Validation report). We set out to show IT organizations like yours the costs and benefits of deploying Extreme Networks compared with alternative network vendors, and trust us, the results are pretty mind-blowing.

“Extreme Networks convinced us that for a reasonable price you can get a technologically advanced and reliable solution that can be managed through a unified management console.” - Extreme Customer

First, a quick explanation of how we worked with Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) to make these determinations. We engaged ESG to conduct a detailed Economic Value Validation (EVV), plus develop a quantitative model to investigate how an investment in Extreme Networks can benefit a business over a three-year period. Here’s what the process included:

  • Evaluation of Extreme Networks solutions
  • In-depth interviews with Extreme Networks customers and technical stakeholders
  • End-user case studies
  • ESG qualitative and quantitative market research with IT decision makers
  • ESG’s expertise with IT and networking equipment

Our goal is to give you a comprehensive picture of the potential direct and indirect cost and benefit drivers you should keep in mind when considering an investment in Extreme Networks. What can Extreme really bring to your business? A quick snapshot of some of the end results:

  • 26% lower CapEx
  • 33% lower support and maintenance
  • 35% lower OpEx

What Troubles IT in Our Highly Dynamic, Global Economy?

If you’re in IT in the digital world, you’re under constant pressure to respond to the needs of business and an extremely vigorous economy. Most organizations are responding by implementing digital transformation initiatives, adopting cloud computing models, and leveraging IoT to gain competitive advantage.

These are all proven ways to keep pace, but at the same time, the network is becoming more critical than ever before. Today, networks collect IoT data, ensure mission-critical application performance remains optimized in the cloud, and deliver the appropriate levels of access and security to workers, guests, and machines—just to name a few key functions. Also, the network needs to be agile to a far greater extent than in the past in order to provide the appropriate business outcomes.  

Here’s the thing: Ensuring a successful transition into the digital world takes more than purchasing equipment from a vendor and deploying it. In highly dynamic, complex network environments that span the data center through the edge to remote offices and the cloud, organizations need a true network partner. They need a counterpart who helps IT teams achieve their desired initial outcome, and works with them continuously to enable a high performing, highly available network moving forward.

If you’re like most businesses, you probably don’t have an unlimited budget; which means you need to deliver excellent network outcomes with a fixed amount of dollars. According to a recent ESG research survey, 36% of respondents reported that meeting budget constraints was one of their networking team’s biggest challenges. This adds a whole additional layer of complexity because most organizations need to keep total cost of ownership in mind as they evaluate solutions.

Other areas that challenge networking organizations include security, performance, time to provision, and a lack of skills related to recruiting employees or implementing new technologies. Clearly, businesses are operating in a time where working with a knowledgeable and strategic network partner to provide comprehensive solutions has never been more important. 

Here are some of the other top challenges networking teams are grappling with:

  • Meeting budget constraints: 36%
  • Challenges implementing security within the network: 26%
  • Difficulty in recruiting new employees with the right skill sets: 21%
  • Lack of knowledge about new technologies like SDN, white box switching, and network virtualization: 21%
  • Inability to implement new technology due to poor coordination between IT infrastructure teams: 18%

Extreme Networks Solutions Should Be Your Go-To for Networking

So, a better, stronger, faster network has to come on the heels of the digital takeover; that much is clear. But what do modern enterprises do about it? This is exactly why we’ve published this report—to show that the new Extreme can bring you more ROI and cost savings overall than alternative network vendor solutions.

Some other hard stats and specifics on how Extreme Networks brings businesses unmatched economic and operational savings, include:

  • Solution costs from Extreme Networks are about 10% lower other vendors’ offerings.
  • With unparalleled operational efficiency, some Extreme deployments have as few as two administrators managing up to 80 sites.
  • More than 94% of support calls are resolved in under an hour by the person who answered the call.

The new Extreme is focused on delivering simple, secure, and intelligent offerings that cover the access (edge), the campus core (aggregation), and the data center. All of these solutions are supported by Extreme management software and industry-leading support and services. In addition to the comprehensive product line, our networking expertise enables our engineers to deliver unsurpassed levels of support.

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You can have full confidence that Extreme Networks delivers the opportunity for you to significantly lower both capital and operational expenses with an end-to-end solution and superior support capabilities. If you’re looking to deploy comprehensive end-to-end network solutions, Extreme Networks provides very compelling solutions and differentiated support offerings. Want to be sure? Read the report: Quantifying the Value of the New Extreme Networks Solution.

Have questions about the specific networking challenges you’re experiencing? We’ve got your back. Connect with an Extreme Networks expert now, or call us at 1.888.257.3000. 

SarahJane Walshe is the Digital Content and Communications Marketing Manager at Extreme Networks.