Hot products at VMworld 2018

New products from Dell EMC, Pivot3, Veeam, Extreme Networks and more on display at VMworld 2018

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VMworld 2018

VMworld 2018 kicked off this week in Las Vegas, where VMware and its partners are digging into virtualization, SDN, hyperconvergence, AI, containers and more. Here are some of the new products being announced and displayed at the show.

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pivot3 intelligent edge command and control

Pivot3 Intelligent Edge Command and Control

Manufacturer: Pivot3
Pricing: Undisclosed
Availability: Q4 2018
Key features: Pivot3’s Intelligent Edge Command and Control solution is a ruggedized hybrid-cloud platform designed to support the infrastructure needs of defense, intelligence and other extreme operations. It aims to deliver performance, security, scale and resiliency in a space, weight and power (SWaP)-optimized form factor. Policy-based management guarantees performance to critical applications and automate data placement across private and public clouds.

embotics vcommander

Embotics vCommander 7

Manufacturer: Embotics
Pricing: Starts at $1,000 a month
Availability: Available now
Key features: Embotics vCommander 7 is cloud management software built for automation, orchestration and governance of traditional and microservices-based applications and to reconcile IT concerns such as governance, compliance and policy-based management with the speed and agility needed by DevOps. Capabilities include support for Kubernetes container management, DevOps and workflow orchestration, multi-cloud catalog and intelligent placement, cloud expense management, and cloud governance.

dell emc vxrail
Dell EMC

Dell EMC VxRail appliances

Manufacturer: Dell EMC
Pricing: Starts around $25,000, depending on model and services
Availability: August 27
Key features: The VxRail family of hyperconverged infrastructure appliances is now synchronized with VMware software releases. The new entry-level VxRail G560 appliances, based on PowerEdge 14th generation servers, offer greater density in a 2U, four-node form factor and higher performance than the previous VxRail G Series. VxRail E, P, V and now S Series models are building blocks for the VxRack SDDC.  VxRail and VxRack SDDC support multiple workloads from the edge to core data-center applications.

veeam backup for microsoft office 365

Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 v2

Manufacturer: Veeam
Pricing: Subscription prices vary; a three-year subscription, billed annually, costs $1.28 per user, per month
Availability: Available now
Key features: Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 protects data inside Office 365  from accidental deletion, security threats and retention policy gaps. New features include: data protection for OneDrive for Business, data protection for SharePoint, which includes the ability to backup SharePoint Online and on-premises SharePoint and recover SharePoint sites, documents, libraries and lists. A free version, Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 Community Edition, is limited to 10 users and 1 TB of protected SharePoint data.

asigra truenas

Asigra TrueNAS Backup Appliance

Manufacturer: Asigra
Pricing: Backup Appliance pricing starts at $30,000 and scales to approximately $110,000 per petabyte based on configuration
Availability: Available now
Key features: The Asigra TrueNAS Backup Appliance is a physical hardware solution configured with Asigra Cloud Backup Software version 14. The software combines data protection and cyber security to counter malware attacks on backup data, including ransomware Attack-Loops. The new backup solution runs on iXsystems’ TrueNAS hybrid storage systems. Models include the Asigra TrueNAS Backup Appliance X10, X20, M40 and M50, providing a range of capacities from 60 terabytes to more than 10 petabytes. 

extremeanalytics virtual sensor
Extreme Networks

ExtremeAnalytics Virtual Sensor

Manufacturer: Extreme Networks
Pricing: Undisclosed
Availability: End of 2018
Key features: ExtremeAnalytics Virtual Sensor extends the application-level visibility and application performance management capabilities of ExtremeAnalytics into VMWare ESXi deployments. Virtual Sensor integrates with vSphere to view intra host and inter host traffic. ExtremeAnalytics pairs the data center application insights with application flow information from wired and wireless devices across the enterprise for an end-to-end view of application traffic. Customers can use this fine-grained view of application and VM-level traffic information to troubleshoot security issues or performance deterioration and optimize network and VM configurations. 

hytrust keycontrol

HyTrust KeyControl

Manufacturer: HyTrust
Pricing: Annual subscription starts at $5,000 per year
Availability: Available now
Key features: HyTrust KeyControl provides universal key management for encrypted workloads across different platforms, including hyperconverged infrastructure. KeyControl ensures that data is protected, even if accessed by an unauthorized party. HyTrust KeyControl key management is validated and VMware Ready certified. 

manageengine log360

ManageEngine Log360 Cloud

Manufacturer: ManageEngine
Pricing: Starts at $99 per year for 100 GB of log storage
Availability: Available now
Key features: ManageEngine Log360 Cloud is a cloud-based system for managing and storing log data from an on-premises environment. It provides support for nearly 750 log sources including network devices such as firewalls, routers, switches and IDS/IPS; applications including databases and web servers; Windows, Linux and Unix machines; and IBM AS400 systems. 

nvidia gpu live migration

NVIDIA Virtual GPU software with support for VMware vMotion on GPU-accelerated VMs

Manufacturer: NVIDIA
Pricing: Subscription licensing costs start at $10 per year for GRID virtual apps
Availability: Technical preview available now
Key features: NVIDIA virtual GPU (vGPU) with VMware vSphere 6.7 update 1 will let IT admins use vMotion for GPU-accelerated VMs to live migrate NVIDIA vGPU-powered vSphere virtual desktops without end-user interruption and with no data loss. This allows IT to perform services such as workload leveling, infrastructure resilience and server software upgrades without VM downtime.

maxta hyperconverged unappliance

Hyperconverged (Un)Appliance

Manufacturer: Maxta
Pricing: Starts at $19,000
Availability: Available now
Key features: Maxta’s latest (Un)Appliance is a preconfigured bundle that includes Red Hat virtualization and Maxta hyperconvergence software deployed on Intel Data Center Blocks for Cloud hardware. Enterprises can increase capacity by adding drives to existing (Un)Appliances, replacing smaller drives in existing (Un)Appliances with larger drives, or adding new (Un)Appliances. Kubernetes orchestration also is supported.

samsung note9 with dex

Samsung Note9 with DeX

Manufacturer: Samsung
Pricing: $999.99 for 128GB and $1,249.99 for 512GB
Availability: Available now
Key features: The Galaxy Note9 was designed for productivity. The Note series’ signature feature, the S Pen, now comes with Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) support, which lets business users easily capture and share ideas. With Samsung’s DeX dual mode, users can plug the Note9 into a display with the DeX cable to get a PC experience wherever they are. The new smartphone also includes Samsung’s Knox solution, version 3.2, for data protection. 

western digital intelliflash nseries
Western Digital

Intelliflash N Series

Manufacturer: Western Digital
Pricing: As low as $0.14/GB
Availability: Available now
Key features: Western Digital’s IntelliFlash N Series is a flash storage array designed for real-time transactional applications, machine learning, artificial intelligence and deep analytics. The IntelliFlash N-Series combines the persistence of flash memory and the performance of NVMe to deliver microsecond latency storage and economical dense storage within the same system. Powered by IntelliFlash OS 3.9, the N Series portfolio can scale from 19 terabytes to 1.3 petabytes of solid-state storage. Version 3.9 offers a suite of flash data management capabilities including multiple protocol support, data reduction, data protection and automated data healing.

quali cloudshell

CloudShell 9.0

Manufacturer: Quali
Pricing: Starter pack for Cloudshell VE starts at $1,500 per month
Availability: Available now
Key features: Quali’s cloud sandbox software provides automation and orchestration capabilities to deliver environments as-a-service. New capabilities in CloudShell 9.0 make it easier to save and restore sandbox environments. The saving capability preserves original environment content, configuration and network state. CloudShell has out-of-the-box support for major public and private clouds including Vcenter, OpenStack, AWS, Azure and Oracle. New capabilities also include flexible cloud provider templates that are designed to help organizations build their own cloud support in CloudShell and deploy complex applications in the cloud of their choice. 

quest foglight for virtualization

Foglight for Virtualization, Enterprise Edition 8.8

Manufacturer: Quest Software
Pricing: Undisclosed
Availability: Available now
Key features: Foglight for Virtualization, Enterprise Edition 8.8 is performance management software that’s designed to help IT teams identify performance bottlenecks, predict cloud migration costs, decommission wasted resources, and automate capacity requirements across the virtual hybrid data center. Version 8.8 supports VMware and Microsoft HCI platforms, expands storage array support, simplifies SLA management, and is certified for VMware Cloud on AWS with additional support for Azure and AWS. A technical preview supports Kubernetes and Docker containers. 

navisite desktop as a service

Navisite Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

Manufacturer: Navisite
Pricing: $22 to $110 per month
Availability: Available now
Key features: Navisite DaaS is built on VMware’s Horizon 8.0 infrastructure software and tailored to help companies deliver an optimal user experience based on their budget and performance requirements. Depending on organizations’ virtual desktop needs, Navisite offers a range of options including Office 365, storage, firewalls, backups, data security, web-content filtering, and OS patching and updating.

panzura vizionai


Manufacturer: Panzura
Pricing: Free beta download
Availability: Available now
Key features: Vizion.AI is a multi-cloud data management platform designed to allow enterprises to virtually consolidate their data within a single dashboard for file, audit, indexing, search and analysis. Vizion.AI’s machine learning engine provides predictive analytics to help lower costs based on user access patterns and performance/cost analysis of storage locations. The platform allows enterprises to implement policy-driven, automated data control and governance across a multi-cloud environment to meet data compliance and security policies.

dell emc poweredge mx
Dell EMC

Dell EMC PowerEdge MX

Manufacturer: Dell EMC
Pricing: Undisclosed
Availability: September 12
Key features: Dell EMC PowerEdge MX is a modular infrastructure with compute, storage and networking components managed via Dell EMC OpenManage. It supports a range of data center workloads and is designed — without a mid-plane — to adapt to future technologies and server disaggregation. The PowerEdge MX aims to help enterprises avoid technology silos and routine operational management while dynamically assigning IT to match different applications and needs.

druva cloud platform

Druva Cloud Platform

Manufacturer: Druva
Pricing: Undisclosed
Availability: Available now
Key features: The Druva Cloud Platform unifies Druva’s data protection and management products and provides a single point of management – delivered as a service – that enables organizations to protect, manage and gain visibility into their entire data footprint. With the integration of Druva CloudRanger, Druva aims to deliver a data management solution that spans on-premises and cloud infrastructures and allows enterprises to centrally manage their entire data footprint, from the data center and end user devices to SaaS applications and cloud workloads.

cohesity helios

Cohesity Helios

Manufacturer: Cohesity
Pricing: Helios Standard edition is no cost for DataPlatform customers
Availability: September 2018
Key features: Cohesity’s DataPlatform enables organizations to consolidate secondary data and apps such as backup, test/dev, archives and analytics. Cohesity Helios is a SaaS-based management solution that's designed to expand those capabilities by providing enterprise customers with access, visibility and control of their secondary apps and data across all their Cohesity DataPlatform sites, whether on-premises, in the cloud or at the edge. 

bitdefender gravityzone

GravityZone Security for VMware Cloud on AWS

Manufacturer: Bitdefender
Pricing: Undisclosed
Availability: Available now
Key features: Bitdefender GravityZone integrates with on-premises vCenter Servers and those running in VMware Cloud on AWS to give operations teams real-time visibility into the global virtual machine inventory, including VM instantiation, termination, movement, and protection status. GravityZone automatically applies VM-appropriate security policies that follow the workloads regardless of where in the hybrid cloud they operate. GravityZone is designed to give users of VMware Cloud on AWS a single point of workload-security management for their entire VM estate, which simplifies security operations and ensures consistency across the VMware hybrid cloud. 

zscaler internet access

Zscaler Internet Access

Manufacturer: Zscaler
Pricing: Undisclosed
Availability: Available now
Key features: Zscaler Internet Access (ZIA) is a secure Internet and web gateway delivered from the cloud. ZIA delivers a security stack as a service, including firewall, IPS, sandbox, advanced threat protection, and data leak protection functions. When used with VMware NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud, ZIA is designed to make it easier for enterprises to migrate from hub-and-spoke to a direct-to-cloud architecture. All Internet-bound branch traffic can be steered from the VMware NSX SD-WAN edges to Zscaler, which scans and secures traffic to protect against cyber threats and data leakage.

thinprint hub

ThinPrint Hub

Manufacturer: ThinPrint
Pricing: $259
Availability: Available now
Key features: Printing in branch offices can create administrative, cost and security challenges. ThinPrint Hub helps businesses ease the workload for branch offices. ThinPrint’s print management software, ThinPrint Engine, centralizes the print system to eliminate local print servers in branch offices. ThinPrint Hub integrates distributed printers into the corporate network. Print jobs are encrypted when transferred via the ThinPrint Secure Tunnel.

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