How to Win at Customer Support in the Age of Digital Transformation

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The era of digital transformation has injected new life into the old wisdom, “the only constant in life is change.” In our plugged-in world, change is happening at a breakneck pace and it’s pretty much impacting everything, including support. How users want to be supported and what defines a good support experience seems to be constantly evolving as the devices, connections, and channels users choose changes.

So when it comes to providing fast and easy support for internal employees or external customers, what worked yesterday probably won’t carry you through tomorrow. Companies must strategize on how to keep up in this new support landscape or be left behind by your customers and the competition.

Don’t take this as a doom-and-gloom story. It’s actually a golden opportunity. But to take a giant leap forward and stay ahead, you have to take a step back and consider what embracing this digital transformation really looks like for your organization and how you can provide customer-centric support where your customers are.

Is meeting the challenge as easy as adding a new engagement channel? Well, maybe, but reaching that conclusion requires taking a fresh look at the people, processes, and technologies that power your support organization to determine how new digital technologies can open up new opportunities. For many support organizations, embracing the digital transformation era likely means:

  • Creating an end-to-end customer experience for a 3×5-inch screen
  • Supporting customers on their preferred devices
  • Leveraging digital formats to streamline interactions

“But my customers are okay with email and phone support we currently offer,” you say? Okay maybe so, but it could be because those are your customers’ only two options. They may actually prefer other support channels like social media, live chat, or a self-service knowledge base, given the choice. And current trends say that your customers are just as likely to be at a computer when they reach out for support as they are on the go from their mobile device.

The key to support in this new era is being able to help customers wherever they are – on any device and from any location – in a way that’s fast and easy for your customers. This is how organizations will nurture loyalty while also cutting call handle times and downtime and increasing time to resolution to reduce costs.

Digital transformation is happening now, which makes now a great time to learn more about what end users expect, the business impact of sitting on the sidelines, and how to develop a successful support strategy in this new era. Download the report Support Services as a Competitive Differentiator by global intelligence firm IDC to learn more about the support opportunity in a digitally transformed world.