Take the Intelligent Route with Consumption-Based Storage

Combine the agility and economics of HPE storage with HPE GreenLake and run your IT department with efficiency.

Cloud and datacenter

Data is at the center of everything we do today. It’s a massive resource that you can use to fuel innovation, steer the business with greater insights, and rev up people to do their best work. But data overload, unpredictable workload demands, and growing maintenance and security requirements can stall important initiatives when storage systems lack the performance, scale, agility, and e­fficiency to keep up.

But there’s good news. The agility and economics of HPE storage combined with HPE GreenLake let you run IT like a finely tuned engine:

  • Improve economics with no up-front payment and 100% economic storage utilization
  • Reduce risk of running out of capacity or wasting money by overprovisioning
  • Accelerate value with on-demand storage solutions aligned to your workload needs
  • Ensure control over performance, security, and compliance.

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