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Truebill can help you manage your finances—and it’s free to download


Learning how to manage your money correctly is a necessary step towards financial freedom. However, we always seem to forget about online subscription services that go unused. Perhaps you haven’t watched Netflix or forgot to cancel a one-month free trial; if you have these services set to autopay, you’ll end up wasting money on them each month. 

Let’s be honest, though. Who has the time to hunt down every payment or fee that gets charged to them monthly? This is hassle enough for a single bank account, but it’s nearly impossible to do if you manage multiple accounts manually. If you want a refined way to track and manage your finances, you can download Truebill for free and start lowering your monthly payments today.

The Truebill app provides a snapshot of your financial life. Once you sync your bank accounts, Truebill will monitor your bills and pinpoint the subscriptions you no longer use. In fact, 84% of users found subscriptions that they had totally forgotten about. You can view your personalized spending insights straight from the dashboard for a quick glance at where you can save money right away. 

On top of saving you money on unused subscriptions, Truebill will help you manage your budget by automatically setting aside funds for savings and by categorizing your expenses, so you’ll know exactly where your money is going each month. 

A lot of money-tracking apps provide these features already, so what makes Truebill special? For one, Truebill will negotiate lower prices for you. This means that if one of your expenses—such as a cell phone or cable bill—is too high, Truebill will save you money. Truebill will even help you score a refund if your cable company has an outage, so you don’t have to pay for a service you can’t use! 

Truebill makes it easy to track your monthly budget and lower unnecessary payments. Download Truebill for free today and learn about how you can save money here.

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