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Tech groups urge Congress to keep Internet neutrality

Mar 03, 20063 mins

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Tech groups urge Congress to keep Internet neutrality, 03/02/06

More than 60 technology companies, consumer advocates and trade groups are urging a House of Representatives committee to seriously consider legislation designed to prohibit broadband providers from discriminating against competing services …

SEC: Beware ‘paid autosurfing’ Web schemes, 12 Daily Pro scam, 03/02/06

The Securities and Exchange Commission this week issued a warning about “paid autosurfing” schemes on the Internet and said it is filing securities fraud charges against the operators of 12 Daily Pro, an autosurfing site that paid people to view ads …

‘Net neutrality issue may slow growth of SaaS market, 03/02/06

The outcome of the Internet neutrality issue currently up for debate among lawmakers could slow down the burgeoning software as a service (SAAS) market, industry analysts and companies said Thursday.

Software CTOs push for patent, work visa reform, 03/02/06

CTOs of member companies of the Business Software Alliance (BSA) on Thursday praised President George Bush and Congress for their recent focus on U.S. competitiveness, but they said Washington still isn’t doing enough to reform the U.S. patent system …

House Republicans push ‘innovation’ agenda, 03/01/06

Republican leaders in the House of Representatives announced a plan Wednesday to push legislation designed to make the United States more competitive in world markets, including a bill that includes an R&D tax credit and incentives for health care IT.

Opinion: Both sides have a point in net neutrality, 02/27/06

Google and Yahoo are right to insist that the telcos not charge differently for traffic to their sites. The telcos do have the right to charge more for traffic types that stress the network. In other words, telcos should be able to charge higher rates …

Best Products Special Issue: Elemental Security’s Elemental Compliance System, 02/27/06

Last fall, in the Windows Networking Strategies newsletter, I waxed rhapsodic about what I saw as the end of the traditional firewall, defined as a fence around our network, or a fortress to keep out the bad guys, typically built around the enterprise …

Opinion: The Great Firewall of China, 02/27/06

China is an essential business market. It seems to me that the U.S. government should be looking for ways to help foster fair trade and good business practices so that our companies can compete fairly. As for the charges of human rights violations, …

Microsoft posts response online to EU charges, 02/23/06

In an unexpected move, Microsoft Thursday posted on its Web site its formal response to the European Commission’s Statement of Objections, complaints made in the European Union’s anti-trust case against the company.

Storage Newsletter: Be a better informed storage buyer by using standardized benchmarks, 02/23/06

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