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History lessons

Mar 27, 20061 min

A brief timeline of network industry milestones


Compaq introduces industry’s first 80386 PC.

January 1986 Network World prototype issue. Lead story: AT&T axes Net 1000. Pulls the plug on a grandiose service that was to link any terminal to any type of computer.

IBM Netview introduced.

May 1986 Wang acquires PBX maker Intecom for $156 million.

July 1986 Start-up StrataCom launches the first T-1 multiplexer based on packet-switching.

August 1986 IEEE approves an 802.3 proposal for a 1Mbps version of Ethernet similar to that used in AT&T’s Starlan product.

MCI Mail and CompuServe link their e-mail networks.

Ethernet interface cards for VAXs cost $3,200.

McDonald’s is first to trial ISDN.