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History lessons

Mar 27, 20061 min
Data Center

A brief timeline of network industry milestones


March 2001 Google hires former Novell CEO Eric Schmidt as its first CEO.

April 2001 Enterasys Networks announces industry’s first prestandard 10 Gigabit Ethernet product.

April 2001 Department of Health and Human Services lets HIPAA health-privacy rules take effect, but promises change.

June 2001 Starbucks Coffee announces plans to roll out high-speed Internet access in all 4,000 of its North American shops.

September 2001 HP merges with Compaq.

September 2001 Kamikaze-style terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon test resiliency of Internet, telecom networks.

Sept. 2001 Canadian teenager Mafiaboy sentenced to eight months detention for massive February 2000 distributed DoS attacks against e-commerce sites.

October 2001 Windows XP Professional ships.