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Net access control: Ready? .. Or not?

May 08, 20063 mins

Latest security news.

Net access control: Ready? .. Or not? 05/08/06

Network companies at Interop last week pushed a clear message about how network security should work: Hardware devices identify users at the network port level, provide virus scanning and authentication services, then allow or deny network access …

Opinion: Interop abuzz with yap about NAC, 05/08/06

One thing NAC suppliers agree on is customers should get their feet wet today by using NAC to scan mobile and guest devices before they are allowed to attach. Those are primary attack vectors, and limited NAC deployments can provide big gains.

Video: The skinny on NAC, 05/05/06

Senior Editor Denise Dubie talks with Steve Hultquist of Infinite Summit and the iLabs NAC lead about the current state of Network Access Control technologies.

Swapping out firewalls easier said than done, 05/08/06

Moving from one brand of gateway firewall to another is proving to be a daunting task that corporate customers say takes six or more months because of a lack of industry standards and dearth of migration tools.

Start-up FireEye debuts with ‘virtual-machine’ security approach, 05/08/06

Start-up FireEye made its debut, announcing plans to ship a switch-based network-access control appliance next month that will let customers identify network-borne malware and attacks in order to quickly contain them.

Opinion: Needed: an enterprise security architecture, 05/08/06

What all organizations need is a comprehensive framework for the uniform and organized treatment of all aspects of security. This can be accomplished through a well-thought-out security architecture.

Opinion: Revamp your network security – now, 05/08/06

Did you like to blow things up when you were little? Come on, be honest. I’ll come clean. More than a few mailboxes fell under the onslaught of my juvenile pyromania. Being an adult means wanton destruction is frowned upon. But maybe there is …

Sun fleshes out storage strategy, 05/08/06

Sun last week announced a four-part strategy for data management that focuses on identity management, virtualization, security and hardware/software integration.

Hacker’s wrong: Canadian pol does not eat babies, 05/05/06

Imagine Gerry Nicholls’ surprise when he glanced at the electronic advertising sign on the Toronto-area commuter train he was riding last week and saw this message about the Canadian prime minister scroll across the screen: “Stephen Harper eats babies.”

Data breach notification law unlikely this year, 05/05/06

In the wake of a series of data breaches in early 2005, the U.S. Congress seemed ready to move quickly on legislation that would require companies to notify customers when their personal information had been compromised.

Report highlights growing use of Internet to spread terror, hate, 05/05/06

Terrorists and extremists more and more are turning to the Internet to spread their views and incite readers to take action, according to a report issued this week by a Jewish human rights group.

Q&A: Sun’s Radia Perlman speaks out on being stuck with IP, new life for spanning tree and …, 05/05/06

Some people refer to Sun Labs distinguished engineer Radia Perlman as the Mother of the Internet and the creator of the spanning tree algorithm used by bridges and switches. Others know her as the author of network textbooks such as …

Diamonds take a quantum leap to IT security, 05/05/06

Diamond-based devices could be helping IT managers detect network snooping and prevent information theft as anti-eavesdropping technology from the University of Melbourne gets venture funding.