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Cisco cable deal passes legal milestone

Jan 04, 20062 mins

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Cisco cable deal passes legal milestone, 01/04/06

Network equipment manufacturer Cisco has passed a critical milestone in its planned acquisition of cable TV technology company Scientific-Atlanta after the U.S. anti-trust waiting period passed on Friday without regulators taking any action.

Open-source IP PBX upgraded, 01/03/06

The non-profit VoIP concern SIPfoundry kicked off the new year this week with an update to its sipXpbx, an open-source IP PBX platform.

Weblog: Skype model catching on, 01/03/06

The Skype business model for selling VoIP seems to be catching on, based on a new approach being tried by a South American service provider. Anyone interested in downloading Skype’s free client to their PC can make free VoIP calls (and now Skype video …

Power Special Issue: Craig Hinkley: Man behind VoIP at Bank of America, 12/26/05

Craig Hinkley, Bank of America’s Australian-born network administrator, is the architect of the country’s largest VoIP rollout.

Opinion: Getting ready for VoIP, 12/26/05

My company is evaluating replacing our current aging PBX system with a Voice over IP one. The latest vendor we have looked at came in with pricing that makes it appear that it is cheaper to run VoIP than it would be to replace it a ‘conventional’

Power Special Issue: Anderson: eBay/Skype: Giving the calls away for free, 12/26/05

Columnist Howard Anderson picks eBay/Skype among the powerful.

Lucent to take $300 million charge on lawsuit ruling, 12/22/05

Lucent will take a $300 million charge on its first quarter of 2006 financial statement after a judge ruled against the company in a bankruptcy case on Wednesday.

Weblog: VoIP is getting safer, 12/22/05

Despite the possibility of attacks designed specifically to disrupt, intercept or hijack VoIP, none has emerged yet that has caused the widespread damage that other viruses and worms have. That is likely to change over time because the bad guys focus …

Newsletter: Mailbag: Triple-play services and voice services, 12/21/05

David Green, a reader who lives in a small town in South Carolina, wrote us in reply to our recent newsletter about “triple-play services” and how they …