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Promising indicators suggest telecom recovery looming

Nov 10, 20032 mins

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Promising indicators suggest telecom recovery looming, 11/10/03

While not all is rosy, more signs are pointing toward the telecom industry finally starting to recover from the slump it’s been in for more than three years.

Juniper tries to grab edge from Cisco, 11/10/03

Juniper last week unveiled two edge routers designed to unseat older routers from rival Cisco that are already installed in service provider networks.

Cisco posts strong gain in Q1 earnings, 11/05/03

Cisco’s fiscal first-quarter revenue and profit surged above results from a year earlier, with the network equipment supplier bringing in $5.1 billion and earning $0.15 per share, the company reported Wednesday.

Sprint’s Forsee: Reorganization ‘changing the culture of the company’, 11/05/03

Sprint CEO Gary Forsee said the carrier’s reorganization plan is well underway and all pieces should be in place by Jan. 1.

Capellas looks to the future, 11/04/03

MCI CEO Michael Capellas this week mapped out the carrier’s 18-month product plan only days after receiving some of the best news the carrier has probably heard in well over a year.