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How we did it

Dec 22, 20031 min

How we did it

With the help of market researchers Research Concepts, we asked 250 readers to rate the power of 20 network vendors and their CEOs. We used a scale of 1 to 100, with 100 representing the high mark and 1 the low. We calculated the mean to obtain the “Power Rating.”

Power Ratings analysis provides two key measures of power: objective and relative. Objective power is determined by comparing a company’s or individual’s current Power Rating against last year’s, which shows how the CEO’s or company’s own power has altered. Using the Power Rating to rank the companies from 1 to 20 lets us compare vendors against each other. Respondents might perceive a company to be less powerful than it was last year, yet gaining industry power overall. For in-stance, Nortel’s Power Rating dropped one full point from its 2002 rating, yet the company climbed one rank to No. 11 in 2003, from No. 12 in 2002.

– Julie Bort