• United States
by Mandy Andress

How we did it

Feb 02, 20041 min

How we tested Preventsys’ Network Audit and Policy Assurance 1.5.

We set up the three Preventsys servers on our test network. After logging on with the default user, we created our own administrator, defined our lab network and launched a full network scan. Our test network is running a variety of systems and devices including Cisco switches, Cisco routers, NetScreen Technologies firewall, VPN gateways, Solaris servers, Linux servers and Windows 2000/XP systems.

We then defined additional users, individual hosts and various network segments. We also modified existing policies and created our own policies. After scheduling scans and waiting for them to complete, we generated a number of different reports and re-analyzed the scan data with different policies.

From our scan results, we assigned tasks to various users and then had different users view and modify the tasks assigned to them.

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