• United States
by Randall Birdsall

How we did it

May 31, 20042 mins
Data Center

How we tested the QLogic SANbox 5200.

Spirent Communications provided all the performance testing equipment used for this test. We employed three SmartBits SMB-6000B chasses, fully populated with FBC-3602A 1- and 2G bit/sec Fibre Channel modules. Spirent’s SmartFabric test application, Version 1.31, provided port-by-port results.

QLogic submitted four SANbox 5200 switches, each running firmware Version 4.0 and licensed for all 16 1G- and 2G bit/sec and four, 10G bit/sec Fibre Channel ports.

All tests were run for 10 seconds using small (60-byte) and large (2,148-byte) frames at 100% load, and were repeated several times to note variability. Latency was measured while applying less than maximum loads.

With the high-stress, full-mesh throughput test, we configured each SmartBits port to send frames to, and receive from, every other port.

An ISL failure was simulated by removing a single ISL from a group of two or more between two switches.

In the reboot test, we cut off and restored power to the device to see how quickly it could resume normal operation.

To test a non-disruptive code load, we started a full-mesh test of large frames across 64 ports. A code load sequence was then initiated and completed while the traffic flows continued.

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