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Patch management burdens customers

Jul 30, 20034 mins

Latest security news.

Patch management burdens customers, 07/28/03

When it comes to patch management, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to doing a job no one wants to do: update software for new features, or the more troubling task, fixing a security hole before a hacker or computer worm finds it.

Cisco patches Aironet wireless vulnerabilities, 07/29/03

Network hardware giant Cisco released a software patch and warned customers on Monday about two security holes that affect some editions of the Aironet wireless access point.

DirectX flaws put Windows systems at risk, Microsoft warns, 07/24/03

Two security bugs in DirectX, a part of the Windows operating system that provides multimedia support, could allow an attacker to gain control over computers running it, Microsoft warned Wednesday.

Oracle warns of security flaws, 07/24/03

Oracle warned Thursday of two serious security vulnerabilities in its E-Business Suite software.

APEC furthers plans to combat cybercrime, 07/29/03

Countries that want to be able to tackle cybercrime need to pass wide-ranging laws and be prepared to openly cooperate with other countries, delegates of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) group said Monday.

Secure Computing buys content-filter company, 07/29/03

Secure Computing Tuesday announced it has agreed to acquire Seattle-based N2H2, a maker of Web-based content-filtering products Bess and Sentian, which can be integrated with Cisco firewalls and the Cisco Content Engine.

IPSs instantly grant or deny access, 07/28/03

Intrusion-prevention systems placed at the perimeter or on internal network segments can stop these attacks, providing a scalable front line of defense for vulnerable unpatched or misconfigured servers.

Secure Sockets Layer: Too much of a good thing?, 07/28/03

SSL remote access is popping up all over, but not all users want all the features.

Foundry adds load-balancing, security features, 07/28/03

Thwarting denial-of-service attacks, load balancing multiple ISP links and speeding Web services traffic – these are among the new features in Foundry Networks’ ServerIron switches, the vendor announced last week.

FiberLink serves up SSL remote access, 07/28/03

Next month, customers will be able to buy FiberLink Internet remote-access services that are protected by Secure Sockets Layer technology, expanding the provider’s secure remote-access options beyond traditional IP Security VPNs.

Exploit code posted for Windows hole, 07/28/03

Several independent coding groups have posted code on the Internet that can allow hackers to exploit a previously disclosed vulnerability in Microsoft’s Windows operating system.

Cisco IOS scare stirs questions, 07/28/03

A serious vulnerability in Cisco’s IOS software has yet to yield publicly disclosed exploits, but the incident does punctuate the difficulty of properly maintaining IOS-based gear – especially for those running older versions, experts say.

HP, IBM, Sun to unveil server security initiative, 07/25/03

HP, IBM and Sun are allying with three security providers to announce on Aug. 5 an open standards initiative for safe computing.

University researchers criticize electronic voting machines as security risk, 07/25/03

Computer-science researchers from Johns Hopkins University and Rice University are heaping criticism on electronic voting machines built by Diebold Election Systems, based on software code for the machine said to have been posted publicly to the Internet by an activist.

Security experts question DOD cybersecurity, 07/24/03

The Department of Defense relies too much on commercial software, doesn’t know who is creating the software, and faces other significant cybersecurity problems, witnesses told a U.S. House of Representatives subcommittee Thursday.

AirDefense adds policy enforcement, 802.11g, 07/22/03

Wireless LAN security company AirDefense Monday released a new version of its monitoring software, adding support for the new 802.11g wireless standard and a policy enforcement feature that can push configuration changes out to remote access points.

Meetinghouse updates WLAN security for Windows, 07/22/03

A new release of client software for Windows computers adds tougher 802.11 wireless LAN security and some features designed for easier deployment in large-scale nets.