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Patch management burdens customers

Aug 06, 20033 mins

Latest security news.

Hackers set up shop in state agency’s server, 08/04/03

Hackers had made a state agency’s network their old Kentucky home before being discovered by auditors, who revealed the incident publicly last week.

CERT warns of attacks, new holes in Windows, 08/01/03

The CERT Coordination Center has received reports of widespread attacks using a recently disclosed security vulnerability and a previously unknown security hole in Microsoft’s Windows operating system, the center said Thursday in an advisory.

Concerns mount over possible big Net attack, 08/01/03

Security experts warn that a recently disclosed security vulnerability in Microsoft’s Windows operating system may soon be used by a powerful Internet worm that could disrupt traffic on the Internet and affect millions of machines worldwide.

HP, IBM and Sun back Tripwire on ‘file-signature’ database, 08/05/03

Tripwire is spearheading an effort to come up with common standards for an Internet-based database where companies could store information to help them check for unauthorized file changes.

IBM, SuSE secure Linux, 08/05/03

Linux took another step in its evolution Tuesday when IBM and SuSE Linux announced that the open source operating system had achieved an international security certification used by the federal government.

WLAN security: Users face complex challenges, 08/04/03

Best practices in WLAN security hinge on your specific security needs and the technologies you choose to satisfy those needs.

CC product evaluation picks up steam, 08/04/03

The government-backed Common Criteria product-testing program is getting more attention from vendors as the Department of Defense widens its marching orders to buy tested products.

Microsoft investigates DOS attack on, 08/04/03

Microsoft’s main Web site was unreachable for almost two hours on Friday as the Web server it is hosted on failed following a denial of service attack, the company said Friday.

IPSec VPN alternatives gain ground, 08/04/03

Vendors say Secure Sockets Layer gear now can connect remote users to corporate networks as if they were on the LAN, just like IP Security gear does, but without having to install permanent VPN clients on remote machines.

Nortel debuts advanced net services wares, 08/04/03

Nortel last week announced hardware and software for smaller companies interested in deploying advanced network services such as intelligent firewalls, Secure-Sockets-Layer-based VPNs and traffic acceleration.

Microsoft fixing another faulty patch, 07/30/03

Microsoft acknowledged Tuesday that a recent security patch is causing problems on machines running the Windows NT 4.0 operating system.