• United States
by Betsy Yocom and Diane Poletti-Metzel

How we did it

Aug 11, 20031 min
Data Center

How we tested the EMC Celerra NS600 NAS device

We installed IOMeter (an open source workload generator) on eight HP ProLiant ML350 servers – each with at least two Pentium III/866-MHz processors and 1G byte of memory. Each server emulated two clients. The NS600 was configured in primary/primary mode, and 16 separate connections were created to serve as IOMeter’s storage targets.

We ran two tests using a file server/client configuration, using 8K- and 16K-byte requests (consisting of 80% read/20% write data) that randomly accessed the test file.

In separate tests, we launched three denial-of-service attacks against the NS600 while IOMeter testing was in progress. For failover testing of the data movers, we removed power from the primary data mover, and recorded fail-over times. When testing failover on interfaces, we pulled the plug on the primary interface and recorded the fail-over time.

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