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May 05, 20032 mins
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Latest storage news.

EMC, IBM tout advanced storage software, 05/05/03

EMC and IBM last week introduced management software that the companies say lets users more easily deploy, reconfigure …

Storage caching speeds file movement, 05/05/03

A new class of products enables file caching over WANs, making it possible to access data over long distances at LAN speeds.

IBM expands ‘on-demand’ product portfolio, 05/01/03

IBM Thursday is set to expand its “on-demand” menu of offerings, announcing new products that are designed to help …

EMC rolls out volume management software, 04/30/03

Storage powerhouse EMC Wednesday announced software that lets IT managers optimize and manage the path between servers …

EMC, Cisco partner on storage switches, 04/29/03

EMC and Cisco are expected to announce a partnership Tuesday in which the storage giant will resell and support Cisco’s …

Gauging the network effect of grids, 04/28/03

As more companies pilot grid-based applications, the question for network executives is what effect grid computing will …

Work remains on HP/Compaq storage merger, 04/28/03

One year after HP and Compaq officially became one company, HP has not yet finished merging its storage product line. …

EMC to develop Windows-powered NAS, 04/28/03

EMC announced that it will develop NAS devices for enterprise departments and workgroups that use Microsoft …

Improving NAS capacity and performance, 04/29/03

In this final article of the three-part series, we will investigate NAS solutions that focus on addressing the scalability issues of both capacity and performance …

Reinforcing security, 04/30/03

The next phase of our Technology Tour season is about to switch into high gear. In June and July, I’ll be on the road with our events on voice over IP, storage and data centers.

Survey results: IT managers want automation, 05/01/03

You may remember that Enterprise Management Associates recently ran two automation surveys: one addressing storage management issues and the other aimed at enterprise management. The surveys were closely coupled, and make for interesting reading.