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May 05, 20032 mins

Latest LAN news.

Wireless vendors take center stage, 05/05/03

The industry’s high rollers were betting big on wireless last week, and, like gamblers everywhere, they seem convinced they’ve got a sure thing.

Foundry CEO on future of Ethernet, 05/05/03

Network World Senior Writer Phil Hochmuth recently spoke with Foundry Networks CEO Bobby Johnson.

Storage caching speeds file movement, 05/05/03

A new class of products enables file caching over WANs, making it possible to access data over long distances at LAN speeds.

HP reorganizes server division, 05/02/03

Almost a year to the day after it acquired Compaq, HP will consolidate several departments.

More bravado from Vivato: wireless bridge-router, 05/01/03

Wireless switch vendor Vivato unveiled what it calls a wireless bridge/router.

U.K. keen on wireless LAN hot spots, 05/01/03

The future of wireless is a topic of major concern to the British government, which would like to coordinate with the…

IBM unveils long-awaited Itanium 2 box, 05/01/03

IBM, which first announced plans for an Itanium 2-based server last summer, finally made good on its promise.

Wireless switch start-up introduces .. boredom, 04/29/03

Yet another start-up in wireless LAN switches this week introduces what executives say is the most boring wireless switch …

Extreme shows off 10 Gigabit ‘Mariner’, 04/29/03

The 10-Gigabit horsepower shoot-out continued at NetWorld+Interop this week as Extreme Networks launched its next- …