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May 12, 20032 mins
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Early users give iSCSI thumbs up, 05/12/03 

The iSCSI protocol has gained momentum as an alternative for Fibre Channel storage-area networks , and early adopters … 

EMC, HP to push metered storage, 05/12/03

EMC and HP are readying metered on-demand storage programs … 

EMC gets into subscription game, 05/12/03

EMC Monday released two new products that mark the software vendor’s entry into the subscription software business. 

StorageTek, FilesX launch software for disk-based recovery, 05/05/03

Two companies, one an established storage vendor and the other a start-up, are introducing products that let users easily … 

Veritas jumps on utility bandwagon, 05/05/03

At the Veritas Vision annual user conference in Las Vegas Monday, the storage software company said it plans to extend … 

Extending your reach to remote storage devices, 05/06/03

In many large companies, corporate IT is being asked to expand their reach to include management support for remote locations. 

CA puts a stake in the ground, 05/05/05

At NetWorld+Interop 2003 trade show Computer Associates introduced its “Managing On-Demand Computing” initiative … 

Automated computing: onward, ever onward, 05/08/03

The analysis of Enterprise Management Associates’ survey on user expectations of automated management tools continues to provide interesting results.