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Caption contest winner

Dec 19, 20051 min
Data Center

“The Bat Mobile has nothing on my ride.”

Alan Maughan made us chuckle with his prize-winning entry. Batman’s car will be forever cool.

Check after the jump for our runners-up in this week’s contest and stay tuned for one final contest of the year (really, this time!).


Microsoft’s new Operating System codenamed Assimov for Chauffeur-Bots cannot guarantee that it will not crash. Peter R. Not only does this fully equipted car come with the honeycomb wheel option, you don’t need a wife or girl friend as we provide a robotic back seat driver for you! Tim L. Stupid humans, only I, Robot can drive the new Quattro! Mark H. I do say, R2, these upgraded exoskeletons make us look more stream-lined than the previous models! Renee P. “For the last time stupid human, I don’t have Will’s number!” Martin Z. “Does this plastic make me look fat?” Gene L.