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Caption contest winner

Jan 03, 20061 min
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“Melinda, are you SURE this guy sang with Cher?”

Ron Enderland gets 2006 off to a knee-slapping start with his caption for the Time cover featuring Bono and the Gates.

Our runners-up can be found after the jump. Come back later today for our first contest of 2006.


“Bill: Hey, Melinda think we should tell Bono here you’re a stepford wife…..” Robert C. “Bono: Well I may not have the first head on the cover, but at least mine’s the biggest!” Casey H. “I’d like a Bono sandwich on Gates bread…to go please.” Dale W. And STILL trying to atone for Windows ME, “The Sweetest Thing”, and Microsoft Bob respectively. Russell S. Bill & Melinda Gates showcase their foundation’s greatest success story. Gene L.