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Jan 17, 20062 mins
Data Center


“Greetings from Korean Boy Scout Troop 72! We all just got our CPU Chip making Merit Badge”

While the Ninja theme ran through most of our entries this week, Scott Czesak really made us laugh while chewing our morning bagel. For his efforts, we’ll be sending Scott some Layer 8 gear.

You too could win. Check back later today for another contest. Our runners-up can be found after the jump.


Hi, I’m John Kerry… No, I’m John Kerry…. No, wait, I thought I was John Kerry…Roy T. Photo: 20 year reunion of Class of 1985 Benevolent Ninja School. Details unavailable due to privacy concerns.George L. New, Lipton 11 pack of IT workers. Just break the safety seal & get your business rolling. (Now available in developer & .not versions too.)Gregory M.

*Disclaimer: Management workers cost 10x as much & are not guaranteed to work.

Oh-ho, careful Intel, AMD just created a crack team of white ninjas to get ahead of the curve in CPU development…Martin F. This is the only safe way to surf the Internet from China.Gabor H. The Samsung Ninja soccer team celebrates its 7-2 victory!John G. When your plunger just won’t do the trick give us a call … “7-2-removeachunkie” … Frat houses, shared apartments, your parent’s basement – Yes, Yes – Did you drop a log that will clog the whole street – We can help – 24 hr service, reasonable rates…James B.