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Feb 06, 20062 mins
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“So we agree. We’ll use!”

William Watson got us laughing the hardest with his Larry and Scott entry. For his effort, William wins a great Layer 8 prize.

There were a lot of conspire against Bill Gates themed messages. Check out the runners-up after the jump.


“I’ll continue to hide defects and you continue to threaten better products with your bank account. Agreed?”Mark L. The I H8 MS fraternity secret handshake. Jared C. “And after we see ‘Brokeback Mountain,’ Larry, I know a quiet bar where we can talk.”Robert B. Scott: “Ok, so we agree. I take care of Billy and you take on Stevie.”Martin F.

Larry: “Right…..What?!? No, wait. I take care of Billy YOU take on Stevie.”

“Sorry, Scott. You’ve been voted off my island.”Martin Z. Fine, fine… You win the arm wrestling portion, but the peeing portion starts right after they get that blasted camera outta here!Casey H. Ok, deal. Once we take out Bill, I get the Applications and you get the Operating Systems. Wanna thumb-wrestle for the XBox?Gene L. “Let’s move to Massachusetts and get married” Ken H. No Scott, I insist! You bought lunch, I’ll buy Microsoft and we can split it.Fred C. Then we agree. Next week we invite Jim Clark and Steve Jobs to the poker game, but not “him.”Richard P.