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Feb 13, 20062 mins
Data Center

“I don’t care what any one says, Laser-Disc is still cool!”

This week’s winner by Chad Freiling makes us laugh because it reminds us of our days working in the Sight & Sounds department of Service Merchandise back in the early 1990s when Laser Discs really were cool. Thankfully, the never really caught on, because their size would make them a pain to store.

For his efforts, Chad gets a great Layer 8 prize. Runners-up can be found after the jump.


“At a mere 20 nanometers, our crust is the thinnest yet! …and the others may claim theirs comes out ‘golden brown’, but OURS is made from REAL GOLD!”Matt S. Jakko displays his new gold record.Brad L. Hazmat team members quickly move in to deal with another rejected AT&T logo.William G. Are you sure this will ward off the “Kama Sutra”?Ken R. “Sure this wafer contains a millions dollars worth of microchips, but it also makes a really cool disco ball for the Friday-afternoon-and-the-boss-is-gone party!”Luis F. Russian cosmonaut goes “All In”.Hank A. Microsoft introduces the first $300 Frisby (flight option to be released at a later date)Eric T. I was rummaging through some old junk we had sitting around the lab, and this thing keeps saying “I am Dr. Theopolis. Where am I, and what happened to Buck and Twiki?” Cool, eh?Steve F.