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Mar 20, 20061 min
Data Center

Now, not only can you tell where your package is, but also how hard it was thrown into the truck.

Chuck Smith wins the prize for making us laugh the hardest this week. It’s funny because it’s true. We just hope Chuck isn’t related to FedEx’s Fred Smith! For his efforts, Chuck gets a great Layer 8 prize shipped to him in the mail (thankfully, it’s not easily breakable!). The runners-up can be found after the jump.


At CeBit this week, a revolutionary roboglove was unveiled to rave reviews. Immediately following this announcement, UPS placed an order for 12,000 units, stating that “this new glove will allow us to crush fragile packages much more efficiently than in the past.”Mark F. Kelley J.

Bonds won’t be able to hit MY splitter

“Think my hair looks funny now? Just wait until I turn this on!”Curt L.