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8 questions to ask vendors about Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)

Most companies understand they need to transition from perimeter-based security to a Zero Trust model. And they understand that they can’t purchase Zero Trust as an off-the-shelf product. Here are eight questions to ask prospective...

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6 top network security threats and how to beat them

Here's a list of the most insidious external security threats and internal vulnerabilities, and how to successfully protect the network against both

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The three-way race for GPU dominance in the data center

Nvidia, AMD, and Intel are about to slug it out for a share of the growing graphics-processing-unit market that’s being fueled by the needs of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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Private 5G: Its use in enterprises faces challenges

The availability of services from AWS, Cisco and HPE is propelling private 5G forward, but enterprises still have to contend with the technology's costs, device limitations, and competition from established alternatives such as Wi-Fi...

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South Asia data centre guide 2022: Country by country

India is the hotbed of data centre investments, but all nations in the region are investing in their own facilities as well.

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10 most powerful Wi-Fi vendors

Cisco, HPE-Aruba, Ubiquiti, CommScope are driving the transition from Wi-Fi 5 to Wi-Fi 6 and beyond with automation, AI and machine learning

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How SASE uses AI

SASE vendors are applying AI and machine learning to the network- and security-related data they collect to sharpen analytics, tighten security and boost performance.

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What is Ethernet?

Ethernet protocol connects LANs, WANs, Internet, IoT devices, cloud, Wi-Fi systems into one seamless global communications network

5G in India

When will 5G be available in India?

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has submitted its recommendations to government on how 5G spectrum should be auctioned to network operators. As telcos and their customers prep for 5G in their own ways, Network World Asia...

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What is DRaaS and how it can save your business from disaster

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) enables enterprises of all sizes to safely backup their data in the cloud and quickly recover from a natural disaster, cyberattack or unplanned outage

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Edge computing moves toward full autonomy

With edge computing already transforming the way data is being handled, processed, and delivered, edge site operations are becoming as hands-off as possible

A developer / engineer / technician works with servers, wires, and cables in a data center.

9 hot jobs in the evolving data center

Data-center pros looking to ride technology waves toward more secure careers need both technical and people skills.

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10 essential Linux tools for network and security pros

These open source security frameworks help enterprises stay one step ahead of attackers by facilitating penetration testing and vulnerability assessments on wired and wireless enterprise networks.

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7 emerging network jobs that could boost your career

Hot trends such as cloud, edge and remote work, plus new approaches including SASE, SD-WAN and ZTNA, are reshaping network job titles and skills requirements

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What is a network operations center (NOC)?

A NOC is a centralized location where IT professionals can troubleshoot, monitor and optimize enterprise networks

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Southeast Asia data centre guide 2022: country by country

From just one to dozens, IT’s options for data centres across Southeast Asia vary widely.

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Troubleshooting puzzle: What caused the streaming to degrade?

Performance of streaming applications worked for years then suddenly dropped, apparently for no reason. Was it the firewalls?

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What is the Spanning Tree Protocol?

Spanning Tree optimizes Ethernet LAN traffic by eliminating loops and re-routing around disabled nodes

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