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Cisco spotlights generative AI in security, collaboration

Cisco Security Cloud and Webex will sport new features supported by its home-grown generative AI.

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Weekly internet health check, US and worldwide

ThousandEyes, which tracks internet and cloud traffic, provides Network World with weekly updates on the performance of three categories of service provider: ISP, cloud provider, UCaaS.

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Gen 2 AMD server chips have a crash bug

A minor bug can cause a system crash after 1,044 days of uninterrupted uptime. Be sure to reboot before then.



Cisco jumps into SSE arena, boosts application security

Cisco unveiled its SSE platform and announced Cisco Multicloud Defense, based on its recent acquisition of Valtix, at this week’s Cisco Live! customer event.

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What is SDN and where is it going?

Software-defined networking (SDN) established a foothold in cloud computing, intent-based networking, and network security, with Cisco, VMware, Juniper and others leading the charge.


Cisco vision takes networking to the cloud in a big way

The Cisco Networking Cloud, unveiled at this week’s Cisco Live! customer event, will involve a broad range of software and cloud system integration and has as its ultimate, if somewhat vague goal to converge networking platforms over...

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Cloud misconfiguration causes massive data breach at Toyota Motor

Vehicle data and customer information were exposed for over eight years due to a cloud misconfiguration at Toyota Motor that impacted over 260,000 customers.

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Microsoft’s first cloud region in Italy launched in Lombardy

The new cloud region, which will have three data centers, is expected to contribute about $22.95 billion to the Italian economy over the next four years.

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Waiting for things to happen on Linux

If you don't want to stop everything you're doing to wait for some other Linux workload to complete, custom scripts and the bash wait built-in can set you free.

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EU countries reject plan for big tech companies to fund 5G rollout

A proposal to have big tech companies that account for heavy internet traffic finance 5G and broadband expansion in Europe is facing criticism from ministers.


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How IT pros might learn to believe in AI-driven network-management

Explainable AI might overcome the distrust that enterprise network engineers have for AI/ML management tools that have the potential to streamline network operations.

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How many jobs are available in technology in the US?

There are still far more tech job openings than people to fill them.

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Data center developers turn to emerging US markets

As popular locations such as Northern Virginia become saturated, data center developers are eyeing other US regions, including Atlanta, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, and Denver.

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India reboots plan to attract chip makers to build fabs in country

After several initial deals stalled, the Indian government is re-inviting applications for building semiconductor facilities in the country as the US-China chip trade war transforms the sector.

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Cisco aims for AI-first security with Armorblox buy

Looking to bolster the AI support in its Security Cloud strategy Cisco announced plans to acquire Armorblox, a 6-year old predictive and generative AI vendor that specializes in attack prediction and rapid threat detection.