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Responsible for editorial content on this Web site, so blame him, especially when it comes to Compendium. In his spare time, he runs Boston Online, a service devoted to the Hub of the Universe. He is learning to talk wicked good.

Raise your pinky to your lips and say, '$1 billion'

As you probably read last week, that's how much Viacom wants from Google for alleged copyright infringement by subsidiary YouTube.

Contacts who die and U.S. intelligence

On contacts who die, U.S. intelligence and allegedly sexist hypertext.

In networking, your money goes a lot further these days

Need a modem? Go down to CompUSA and for $20 ($19.99, actually), you can pick up a 56Kbps modem card that also can send and receive faxes. It's completely unremarkable (except perhaps for the question of why you'd even need a modem in...

When IT, politics collide

When technology collides with Massachusetts politics, the result is not pretty.

Turning back the clock 10 years: Our tenth anniversary

Set the time machine to October 1995 and jump in. Hardware vendors were pushing 100VG-AnyLAN and token ring. Nynex, US West, Bell Atlantic and Pacific Bell provided local phone service. Novell was proposing a 'SuperNOS' to unify...

Same content, different Web address

After nine and a half years online, it's time to say good-bye to Network World Fusion. But don't worry, we're not abandoning the Web. In fact, today, we launch a completely revamped Web site - as

Blogging for power

Online editor Adam Gaffin scouts out the essential Weblogs for pumping up your network knowledge.

And the winner is . . .

It's mouse pads all around for the SoAnnoying competition

Getting more out of Fusion

How do you keep up to date on network technologies and issues? Step 1, of course, is right in your hands. But when you want to get up to speed on a specific technology or topic, chances are you head to the Web.


What proved to be really annoying, however, were the 47 gazillion automated messages I got from virus scanners at other companies saying I'm a low-life scum who had attempted to send a virus-infected message to one of their employees....

Weblogs winding their way into business nets

With his budget and staff slashed, Connecticut state CIO Rock Regan is looking to Weblogs as a key tool to keep his organization running.

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