Bob O'Hara

Will Wi-Max make Wi-Fi obsolete?

What is Wi-Max? Is it going to make my investment in Wi-Fi obsolete?

How do we connect large, campus-wide WLANs?

Is it possible to connect separate, disparate wireless LANs, such as those found on a university campus? What issues can we expect if we try this?

Wireless security: Wait for 802.11i?

Should I implement WPA or wait for 802.11i? What is the difference between the two?

Testing Wi-Fi gear for standards compliance

What is Wi-Fi certification?

Why do only three channels not overlap?

On an 802.11b access point with a total of 11 channels, why is it that only three are non-overlapping? What exactly does that mean?

Will 802.11e provide good QoS for voice?

Will 802.11e provide adequate quality of service (QoS) for voice in a dense enterprise environment? How many quality voice calls can an access point handle?

Preventing wireless snooping

Q: How can I prevent people from eavesdropping on my wireless network?

Choosing between antennae and beam steering

What is the difference between sectorized antennae and beam steering? Which is better in my enterprise environment, which has lots of cubicles and particle boards, as well as a significant amount of corridors?

Preventing 802.11 interference

Q: How does 802.11 (b and g at 2.4 GHz) manage interferences from other technologies like Bluetooth and microwave ovens?

Adding 802.11g to the WLAN

Q: How should 802.11g fit into my WLAN deployment plans?

Adding voice to a WLAN

Q. How do I build a wireless LAN that supports converged voice/data services?

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