Brian Heder

Brian Heder is a computer network architect with experience designing, implementing, and supporting enterprise-class, globally-distributed networks. Over the past decade, Brian has supported both public and private sector clients, including the Department of Defense, the Department of Veterans Affairs, various Fortune 500 companies and The Johns Hopkins University, his alma mater.

In addition to supporting clients full time, Brian actively participates in the industry through speaking at conferences and writing about networking technologies in various publications. In his blog “The Invisible Network” at Network World, Brian advises technology leaders based on the premise that the network should be invisible to end users. In an increasingly network-centric world, and with the rise of the Internet of Things, keeping the network invisible is more challenging — and more important — than ever before. In light of this, each post briefly explores how a given technology works and what it means for the future of the enterprise.

Brian has an MS in network architecture and design, holds over 20 industry certifications including the CCIE, and has a patent pending for an IPv6 technology. He can be reached at

The opinions expressed in this blog are those of Brian Heder and do not necessarily represent those of IDG Communications, Inc., its parent, subsidiary or affiliated companies.

Cloud Consolidation Nation

How the growth of the cloud is driving an increase in consolidation of content and even cloud providers.

SSL: Your network blind spot

You can't defend against what you can't see. How can the enterprise ensure security in the face of increasing SSL-encrypted data on their networks.

Mission impossible: Memorizing IPv6 addresses

Don't bother memorizing IPv6 addresses. Use DNS instead.

Preparing the network to meet BYOD challenges

Bring your own device: Bring it on.

Missing pieces in network design

How to design a system without requirements.

Redundancy and failover and HA, oh my!

Redundancy and Failover are not worthy goals in and of themselves. Only Availability matters.

Don't engineer a mess

If there ever was a fundamental axiom or first principle in network design, it is this: don't engineer a mess.

Are your pipes too big?

A few years ago, I was involved in a consulting project with a large company in the healthcare industry that was in the middle of a data center migration. After the networks and servers were stood up at the new location they needed to...

What's lurking in your network? Find out by decrypting SSL

Organizations have spent vast sums of money on security systems and, when deployed and operated correctly, they play a key role in safeguarding the organization. However, most systems have one critical dependency: The traffic flowing...

Will the sky fall if you don't deploy IPv6?

Will the world end? Will the Internet grind to a screeching halt? Will your computer systems disintegrate into a pile of bits and bytes? In short, no. At least not yet. But you may want to consider a few things.

IPv6 transition framework for the enterprise

If all the excitement about IPv6 has finally convinced you to take a serious look at what's involved in the transition, you'll want to start with this framework.

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