Cindy Waxer

Contributing Writer

Cindy Waxer is a Toronto-based freelance journalist. She has written articles for various publications and news sites, including The Economist, MIT Technology Review and

Bluefly Focuses on the Customer Experience Where It Counts

Remember that job interview you thought you nailed, but you never received a call-back? Imagine being able to pinpoint where things went awry by replaying every second of your encounter. That's the kind of forensics work that online...

How UPS Is Scanning and Printing Its Way to Savings

At first glance, UPS's warehouse workers might be mistaken for gun-toting cyborgs out of a dystopian movie. But a closer look at the stainless steel devices wrapped around employees' forearms reveal a hi-tech contraption that scans...

Go Virtual or Go Cloud?

The decision between virtualization and cloud computing should be made on a case-by-case basis. Here are the pros and cons.

Is the cloud reliable enough for your business?

In April of last year, Satoshi Nakajima, founder of Washington-based Big Canvas Inc., was eagerly inviting new customers to subscribe to his company's flagship product, PhotoShare, which lets users swap Apple iPhone photos for free.

A Day in the Life of a Geekcorps Volunteer

It's not often that an American IBM employee awakes to the sound of the Islamic call to prayer, is served mint tea by uniformed guards and catches a concert by a West African reggae superstar -- all within 24 hours. Yet that's exactly...

Your customer, your future

"Many CIOs are a little cavalier about making raising customer satisfaction an explicit goal," says Harley Manning, vice president and director of Forrester Research's customer experience group. Rather, he says, objectives such as...

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