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Cindy Waxer is a Toronto-based freelance journalist. She has written articles for various publications and news sites, including The Economist, MIT Technology Review and

How college CIOs brace for back-to-school (with video!)

How college CIOs brace for back-to-school (with video!)

Enterprise IT stands to learn a lot from higher-ed CIOs, who are on the front lines in tackling demands for connectivity, service, security and innovation.

How data analytics can drive workforce diversity

How data analytics can drive workforce diversity

Best known for driving hiring decisions and identifying skills gaps, data analytics can also deliver the visibility, workforce intelligence and employee engagement needed to improve gender, ethnic and racial diversity of IT teams.

Sharpen your vendor management skills

Sharpen your vendor management skills

The changing vendor landscape means IT must forge tighter partnerships with service providers and third-party vendors. Here are the skills you should have in your back pocket.

Digital SOS: How technology can save the USPS

Digital SOS: How technology can save the USPS

The advent of email may have pummeled the U.S. Postal Service, but in the end, digital services might very well save the centuries-old agency.

Blowing the whistle without blowing your career

Blowing the whistle without blowing your career

How techies can bring data mishandling and abuses to light without putting their careers in jeopardy.

How to make the most of an IT buyer's market

After years of fighting tooth and nail with vendors for meager price discounts or modest service-level agreements, IT has seen the tables start to turn: Sweeping changes are reshaping the vendor landscape, shifting negotiating power...

Government open data proves a treasure trove for savvy businesses

Ever since President Obama signed the Open Data Executive Order, government agencies have been making their vast data stores available to the public. These once-secret data sets are proving a valuable business resource, too.

Big data blues: The dangers of data mining

Companies are taking matters into their own hands with internal controls, open privacy policies, ethical codes and greater candor over how they're collecting and parsing personal data. But many wonder whether it's enough to...

Inside the Greek yogurt wars: Dannon taps predictive analytics

To forecast sales and manage inventory of its yogurt products, Dannon switched from a manual, spreadsheet-driven process to a more scientific, computer-based approach using a suite of predictive analytics tools. Among other things,...

IT training gets an extreme makeover

From movie-like videos with comedy sketch warmups to hands-on freestyle hacker contests with big cash prizes, fresh approaches to training are helping a new generation of IT professionals get engaged in their training.

Pepsi Reveals Secret to Selling More Corn Chips

There's nothing coincidental about the way grocery stores display and price their merchandise. Focus groups used to be the go-to resource for such market research, but today manufacturers like beverage behemoth PepsiCo find...

Tap the Social Media Stream for Competitors' Secrets

Ten years ago, Logicalis, a systems integrator, would have needed a wiretap to overhear the grumblings of a competitor's dissatisfied customer or prospect. But when a Logicalis sales representative stumbled across a LinkedIn...

iPhone Remedies Communication Woes at Texas Hospital

At Texas Children's Hospital (TCH), communication can be a matter of life and death. But with nurses spending more time at bedsides than behind workstations, the Houston-based healthcare facility was struggling "to drive effective...

How to End an IT Turf War

Sports Authority's CIO put a stop to finger-pointing and backbiting

Can a Smartphone App Juice the Market for Electric Cars?

A maker of charging stations bets a mobile app will help convince consumers and business partners to put faith in new vehicles

Keyword searches not good enough for e-discovery

Document dump." "Unsearchable morass." That's how Ontario Superior Court Justice Cary Boswell described the nearly 23 million pages of electronic records handed over by the prosecution in an ongoing criminal fraud case of three former...

How FedEx Improved Security, Eased Access

By moving to an identification badge-management application, FedEx simplified its ID process from three badges to one while saving money and boosting security.

How Mayo Clinic Doctors Use Smartphones to Diagnose Patients

Neurologists diagnose patients remotely using images delivered to smartphones

How Kiosks Cut Patient Wait Times at Walk-in Clinics

When The Little Clinic switched from paper-based check-ins to a new kiosk system that populates its EMRs, it gained an hour of patient time and saved $12,000 a month

Web Analytics: Turn Customer Feedback into Sales

Online eyeglass retailer used a web analytics tool to diagnose dropped sales and win new sales conversions.

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