Daniel Briere

2007: The year of motion applications

Several times over the years, I've suggested you corner your CEO and whisper some sweet IT in his/her ear. Well, it's that time again - you can help drive some near-term innovation and differentiation into your firm's product lineup...

Unlocking ruling rings in more cellular chaos

Last month the U.S. Copyright Office put into effect a ruling that allows cell phone users to unlock their phones.

Carriers: Make stopping spam a priority

All the well-lobbied interests are getting their way - TV is coming to a telco near you, if you fit the demographics. If you are in Maine, New Hampshire or Vermont, forget about it - Verizon wants to sell you off. If you live in rural...

Disruptive approaches to telecom problems

We design solutions to problems every day. These problems can be pretty sticky, and they can seem insurmountable. But we usually find crafty ways to solve the issues at hand and move on.

Verizon's managed TEM services monetizes wireless/wireline complexity

Don’t look now, but Verizon's got your number…and the bills and contracts that go along with it.

Alerts can be big business

There are a lot of trends coming together that make alerts and the networks that might support them into an opportunity. We should start off by trying to put our arms around the category alerts – because actually it’s a quite broad...

Do you know where your cell phones are?

Let's face it: Wireless is out of control. It's invading everything from tennis shoes to your skin. The days when wireless was a simple cell phone are gone. Wireless is everywhere.

What Vonage should be doing

A few months back, we were asked by a company sitting on the Vonage IPO what we thought of the company’s strategy. Our thoughts at the time (and they haven’t really changed) were that it was a very tough investment – Vonage has had an...

MVNOs need to do more than just branding

Mobile Virtual Network Operators continue to sprout up left and right, building on the success of Virgin Mobile (the progenitor of the MVNO craze) and more recent offerings like ESPN Mobile. Perhaps the biggest name to get in the game...

Are your bandwidth usage models wrong?

As service providers plan their networks and make strategic technology choices – like fiber to the home vs. fiber to the node vs. enhanced CO DSL – they rely upon certain assumptions about how customers will want to use bandwidth, and...

Trade show tips that make life easier for all

I am back from another trade show and am doing all my postconference processing. Once again, I'm dealing with all the typical postconference headaches, which follow the inevitable conference headaches, which were preceded by the...

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