Denise Dubie

Denise Dubie is the director of content at PureB2B. Previously she was a journalist at Network World and a content marketer at CA Technologies

As workloads migrate back from public clouds, hybrid cloud grows

Coding, cloud skills are most in demand for network pros

Coding, cloud skills are most in demand for network pros

To get ahead, network and data-center professionals should study up on "infrastructure as code" and capitalize on whatever cloud experience they can acquire.

In search of IT service assurance

IT managers abandon the separate worlds of their past and embrace managing network, system and application elements as one cohesive service.

Network management vendor tracks infrastructure performance

Network Instruments works to provide customers with the much-sought-after ‘single pane of glass’ by combining network performance data with infrastructure health and availability metrics.

Staging an IT management evolution

Forrester Research analysts lay out what IT managers must consider when evaluating virtual systems management technologies for their environments.

HP speeds, simplifies cloud deployments

HP introduces its Cloud Service Automation solution that the company says will help IT managers optimize application deployments and improve operational efficiencies.

Patch Tuesday's update small, but critical, Microsoft says

A light Patch Tuesday from Microsoft shares details on two vulnerabilities that security industry watchers say should be considered critical.

How to get "bigger, faster" desktops

Microsoft customer uses virtualization and management tools from the software giant to enable optimum services without taxing IT staff.

BMC earnings show growth despite downturn

BMC fiscal 2010 earnings show the company navigated the rough waters of an economic downturn well, emerging unscathed and on target for future financial success.

Microsoft woos developers with latest IE9 preview

Microsoft keeps promise to make available iterative releases of IE9, with the second release in two months featuring improved performance.

Airline monitors networks to improve customer service

Virgin America invests in Nimsoft’s technology to improve system availability, service delivery and ultimately customer satisfaction for the airline.

Infoblox buys out Netcordia in network management union

Infoblox acquires Netcordia in a move the companies say will enable closed-loop management and automation of change and configuration across network devices.

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