Denise Dubie

Denise Dubie is the director of content at PureB2B. Previously she was a journalist at Network World and a content marketer at CA Technologies

Infoblox buys out Netcordia in network management union

Infoblox acquires Netcordia in a move the companies say will enable closed-loop management and automation of change and configuration across network devices.

How far has virtual systems management come?

Network Instruments survey of Interop 2010 attendees over three years shows how IT managers continue to embrace virtualization, yet management challenges persist.

Microsoft kills Courier tablet project

Microsoft confirms that it canceled development on a tablet device, codenamed Courier, which could have forced iPad prices down by offering more choices to customers.

Interop attendees embrace cloud benefits, expect management challenges

Network Instruments’ on-site survey of more than 100 Interop attendees shows that interest and adoption of cloud computing is on the rise, but IT managers recognizes the technology brings challenges.

High-tech employment grows

Employment is on the rise for U.S. electrical engineers and computer professionals, according to IEEE-USA.

Microsoft's mandate for user-centric desktop management

Microsoft’s Brad Anderson lays out the company’s plan to deliver converged technologies that will enable customers to more efficiently manage centralized and distributed desktops as well as other client devices.

Corporate IT just won't let IE6 die

Online ad network Chitika reported that use of Internet Explorer 6 peaks during standard office hours and drops in popularity after hours, suggesting corporate IT departments continue to support the browser in their organizations.

Managing a migration to Microsoft Windows 7

IT manager adopting Windows 7 details the migration process, using tools from IT management software vendor CA.

Microsoft weaves management technology into cloud vision

At Microsoft Management Summit 2010 in Las Vegas, company executives detail how management software will play a critical role in delivering on Microsoft's cloud vision.

How IT certifications can pay off for IT pros

Technology adoption trends around virtualization, wireless and more could drive demand for IT professionals with up-to-date IT certification credentials.

5 hot IT certification picks for 2010

Industry organizations and vendors are broadening their IT certification training catalogs to address emerging technologies and market needs. Vendor-specific (Cisco, Microsoft) and technology-specific (network, security and open...

Patch Tuesday: Microsoft safeguards video, Adobe secures PDFs

Microsoft unloads 11 updates for 25 vulnerabilities on Patch Tuesday while Adobe also gets IT managers' attention with its security advisory for Adobe Reader and Acrobat.

IT cost management and the cloud

Apptio updates promise to help enterprise IT better understand the true cost of adopting cloud services.

Hardware to drive IT spending growth in 2010

Industry watchers forecast an increase in computer hardware and equipment purchases, followed by investments in software, which both will contribute to a strong economic environment in 2010.

Conquering the challenges of managing cloud-based apps

Network Instruments extends it Observer to monitor the health and performance of applications across multiple tiers, including internal and external cloud computing environments.

IT management and automation market shrinks, yet players grow

Run-book automation vendor iWave Software acquires data center orchestration and cloud management provider Enigmatec, while MokaFive picks up $21 million in venture capital funding for its virtual desktop management suite.

Can Microsoft SharePoint deliver enterprise-level business process management?

Microsoft’s collaboration platform SharePoint lands in the top spot for BPM tools among IT pros surveyed by Forrester Research, prompting the research firm to examine SharePoint’s viability as an enterprise BPM product.

10 years after Microsoft vs. DoJ

Ten years after losing its antitrust browser battle against the U.S. Department of Justice, Microsoft continues to dominate some markets, swings and misses in others, and serves as an example of what not to do for competitor Google.

Hurdles multiply for H-1B seekers

The hotly contested H-1B visa program slowed during the economic downturn only to find new life in recent documents putting additional restrictions and applying enforcement to H-1B employers and employees.

Virtual systems management for the masses

Virtual systems management capabilities come to product suites aimed at giving IT departments enterprise-level features at SMB costs.

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