Dennis Drogseth

End-to-end application management - the network perspective

What if your executive team needed to develop a true "end-to-end" application management strategy? What would it look like?

Automation, anyone?

One simple way to look at automation is that logically it falls into three classes: machine-to-machine, machine-to-human, and human-to-human. And of course some capabilities and products cut across all three. But there are...

SolarWinds is doing something right

SolarWinds is an example of how dramatically lower price points and faster time to value are catching on in a sea of more complex, costly, and albeit usually more richly functional network management products.

WAN Optimization: Tactical or strategic or both?

As you may have suspected from some of my prior columns, I've found the product strategies in the WAN optimization market something of a puzzle.

'Quality of Experience' revisited: What it means for network managers

Building towards QoE with a good combination of technical metrics and a healthy dose of customer dialog is a fine art.

Why NCCM is more important than ever

As many of you know, I believe that the network management industry as a whole is in a state of redefinition - or just raw chaos. But one of the brighter spots has been the growth of network change and configuration management (NCCM)....

The CMDB System, the CMS, the 'CCS,' and the NOC

I've decided to go back to square one and discuss EMA's (and my own) evolving perception of what a CMDB System is or at least should be in a little more detail - and then look at how the meaning of 'CMDB' has itself changed, both...

CMDB in the NOC: Voices from the trenches

CMDB Systems are analogous to the so-called NOC War Room single pane of glass. And given that premise, here are a few 'voices from the trenches' taken from consulting and research.

CMDB in the NOC: Is it time yet?

The rise of CMDB System adoptions is striking. Data from EMA research shows that out of 75 respondents in healthcare and financial services with $1 billion in revenue or more, every one of them plans to implement a CMDB System.

Some signs of progress in IT asset management and financial planning

In many organizations, asset management beyond basic procurement gets lost in that netherworld beneath the back burner where obligations and hopes all too often go to die.

What ever happened to network management?

What ever happened to network management? This column idea was sparked by a query from an executive in operations working with EMA to try to figure out what a viable network management strategy should look like in 2008. This was not a...

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